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A regular satirical look at what’s going on in the world. For people with a short attention span who want an alternate take on current affairs.

Google bullied off Huawei phones

On Balls Radio today, Is Huawei a threat, or just a convenient way to flog Apple and Google phones? Plus, happy birthday John Stuart Mill. Who?

Kyle, Trump and other freak shows

On Balls Radio, sadly for Brexit Labour and the Tories can’t even agree to disagree. And, with the Jeremy Kyle show gone, good riddance to bad rubbish.

The crazies are in charge

Mary Queen of Scots lost a fight in Glasgow on this day in 1568. The jury is out on who won the fight between Farage and Marr on BBC1 yesterday. Plus the lowdown on Trumponomics.

In Support of Baker’s Monkey Business

Can Danny Baker’s tweet be racist if he didn’t intend it to be? Surely it’s all in the eye of the beholder?

Will the UK leave Europe before World War III?

Will the UK leave the EU before Trump and Iran lead us into WW3? The question of the day on Balls Radio.

Vote for the ‘None of the Above’ party

The UK don’t like any of the major parties. Isn’t it time to give people the option to vote for ‘none of the above’?

2nd May – Traitors, Adultery and Carney

A bad day for Theresa May, but could Facebook’s revamp be good news for divorce lawyers? And a day to say nothing for Mark Carney.

1st May – They’ve gone Caracas in Venezuela

Who wins if unrest in Venezuela pushes up oil prices? Plus, will Apple really make a success of being a service provider? Listen on Balls Radio.

April 30: Huawei, Google and Beluga Whales

Balls Radio on Russia’s plan to overtake the world using Beluga Whales with a GoPro strapped o the back.

29th April: Brexit, Eurovision and a Climate Emergency

Balls Radio talks about, in declining order of importance, Eurovision, Brexit and a Climate emergency. But we might have got that the wrong way round.

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