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Top 40 Business Tips #31: Don’t Manage Like Ebenezer Scrooge

Ebeneezer Scrooge from Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” had lots of issues didn’t he? But he’s not too dissimilar to many command and control style bosses around today.

Top 40 Business Tips #32: Outsource and Crowdsource

Outsourcing makes sense in lots of ways – but now crowd sourcing provides a whole new way to resolve your problems.

Top 40 Business Tips #33: Avoid Short-term Thinking

It’s a disease that has infiltrated politics. Don’t let it ruin your business.

Top 40 Business Tips #34: Over-service

72 percent of consumers end a relationship due to poor customer service. So, it should be the primary focus of your business to exceed expectations.

Top 40 Business Tips #35: Stick to Your Knitting

Companies often grow in a direction that doesn’t make sense to the customer and stretches resources into unknown territories. If you are going to expand, make it make sense.

Top 40 Business Tips #36: Build Your Brand or Kill It

Being true to your brand is the best way of ensuring the best return on your marketing dollar. But if that’s not working it might be time to ditch your brand and start again.

Top 40 Business Tips #37: Typecast Your Business

Does your company really have a unique selling proposition. Often its a collection of half-baked ideas that barely distinguish you from all else.

Top 40 Business Tips #38: Write a Realistic Plan

Does your business have a plan? Is it written down? Is it usable? Is it realistic? Seth Godin talks through what a plan should look like.

Top 40 Business Tips #39: Perseverance Builds Success

Look at the most successful people and they probably have two things in common — they’re passionate about what they do and they work hard at it. If you have just one of those ingredients it’s not enough.

Top 40 Business Tips #40: To Sell More, Listen and Give

Selling isn’t a one way conversation. Every successful sales person knows that. So, if you’re not selling enough, does that mean you are not listening enough?

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