For several years BTalk was a daily business podcast presented for CBS in Australia.

Stopping Bank Excesses

Banks are welcome to run whatever risk they see fit, except when it’s our money they are gambling with.

The Aussie Sickie Swindle

New research shows 58 percent of Aussies have called in sick when they’re not really ill. A global survey showed Australia “chucked a sickie” more than most.

The Lowdown on Pricing

It’s not uncommon for service businesses to compete on price, but it’s the wrong mindset. So how much should you charge?

The Wrong Approach to Public Services

What’s wrong with the public sector? It’s not that it’s overstaffed, it just needs to adopt a more systematic approach to the work it does.

Obama’s Fair Deal

How does President Obama’s American Jobs Act compare to Harry Truman’s Fair Deal?

Tall Stories on 9-11

What really happened on 9-11? Did the planes really bring the buildings down? Conspiracy theories abound.

Five Success Tips from Mark Bouris

What’s the secret to a successful business? Mark Bouris gives away some of his secrets.

The Cyber Criminal’s Starter Kit

Cyber criminals are getting smarter and their numbers are growing. So how do you protect your business from attack?

Five Choice Companies

Which companies are worth investing in? Rhondalynn Korolak suggests five.

Capital Gains: The Misunderstood Tax

Stephen Kirchner argues that the capital gains tax is hindering investment in Australia.

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