CrossTalk was a weekly half-hour telecommunications podcast produced for the industry journal CommsDay.

Dodo’s sale is all about scale

As M2 buys Dodo and Eftel, are companies having to build scale to cope with new market dynamics post NBN?

Facebook: the telco of tomorrow?

Do mobile carriers really have a future in the retail space, or could they be forced to become wholesalers only, servicing the big international brands who control the relationship with the customer?

NBNCo’s MDU Dilemma

Can a national government body effectively rollout a national network when there’s a myriad of local issues to contend with?

A Collaborative Cost Benefit Analysis

The opposition is demanding a cost-benefit analysis for the NBN – so what do economists think of the idea?

HFC Or Not? The Broadband Question.

Malcolm Turnbull has been touting the use of HFC as an interim alternative to fibre. Does it make sense to upgrade an existing network rather than close it down?

Quicker and Cheaper: Too Simple an NBN Election Promise?

I talk to Liberal MP Paul Fletcher about the intricacies of the Liberal NBN policy, particularly in relation to competition policy and funding models.

Security On Hold?

Should the telecommunications sector be more engaged in discussions on national security and, if so, who will take the lead?

Fire, Flood and Phones

How the telecommunications industry coped – and helped – with significant weather events this summer.

New Zealand’s Laissez-Faire Approach to Broadband

Australia’s NBN demands no fixed line competition but New Zealand is openly embracing it. Who has the right idea?

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