CrossTalk was a weekly half-hour telecommunications podcast produced for the industry journal CommsDay.

Racing to the data retention finish line

Telecommunications companies and internet players will soon be required to maintain two years’ worth of their customers’ data. It seems the new law ignores recommendations from the industry and could be problematic for smaller industry players.

The anti-piracy three strikes code

A proposal has been drafted for stopping infringement of copyright. Some believe the proposed scheme goes beyond an educational program, and will encourage rights holders to pursue disproportionate court action against perpetrators.

Thodey’s Last Stand

David Thodey has announced he is stepping down from his role as CEO of Telstra – so did he do a good job?

Open-ended data retention legislation weeks away

The Prime Minister expects the revised data retention legislation to pass both houses of parliament in the middle of next month. Is he dreaming?

How will the Data Retention Bill work?

A data retention bill was tabled in government late last year, now a parliamentary committee is set to report on their findings. So, are they any the wiser?

The Price of Competition

Should infrastructure competitors be charged a fee to subsidise the cost of broadband delivery to regional Australia? Are there other ways of ensuring regional coverage?

Malcolm Turnbull on the NBN Telstra/Optus Deals and Beyond

NBNCo has signed agreements with Telstra and Optus to use their copper and HFC networks. I talk to Malcolm Turnbull about the deal and what comes next.

The risk of reaching the last three percent

In the NBN plan, the most remote 3 percent of the population will be reached by satellite broadband. But launching satellites is a tricky business, will NBN Co pull it off?

Is the USO an expensive irrelevance?

Is the Universal Services Obligation still needed when the NBN is charged with supplying high speed internet access to every home in Australia.

Doesn’t a 2030 Vision Need Fibre?

A group of Australian interests wants to create its own vision, of communications for 2030. Will it be achievable with the mixed technology approach being taken by the NBN?

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