Debunking Economics

Phil talks to Prof Steve Keen on the lies and misunderstands of the economics profession

Does the UK economy need the royals?

As Harry and Megan try to extricate themselves from the Royal family, this week we ask whether its worth keeping the royal family at all?

Five Big Myths of Classical Economics

Steve Keen takes me through where economics has got it all wrong!

Business cycles – what causes them?

Neoclassical economists argue that business cycles are driven by endogenous shocks. This podcast with @profstevekeen explains why they’ve got that wrong.

Economic Growth – it’s complicated

Economic growth predictions are generally based on very simple measures. The Atltas of Economic Complexity is a better predictor of future growth. Here’s why.

Should we do more to price-in externalities?

Increasingly it’s possible to find ways to charge people for external benefits they receive. Like, if they use public services more, should they pay more?

Free broadband – Corbyn’s bad connection?

UK Labour’selection pledge is to make high speed broadband free to everyone. It involves renationalising part of BT – is that a good idea?

What can we do about pay gaps?

There’s a lot of effort put into resolving pay gaps – how do you really fix the problem?

Brexit – a good idea or not?

Steve Keen and I argue about Brexit – a Brexiteer and Remainer agree on one thing – the vote should never have happened.

Making an MMT Green New Deal Global

How can MMT solve climate change when only a handful of ocuntries can take part?

Will Trump ever win his trade war?

President Trump launched a trade war to bring manufacturing back to the US. I ask Prof Steve Keen if that can ever be achieved?

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