Debunking Economics

Phil talks to Prof Steve Keen on the lies and misunderstands of the economics profession

How much money is too much?

The issue with Kwasi Kwarteng’s approach in the UK is not how much money he is spending, but how quickly it is happening. Me and Steve Keen on this week’s Debunking Economics podcast.

How fast can a magic money tree grow?

The money supply should grow a little faster than GDP, but all economists need to recognise that the system is cyclical, says Steve Keen on this weeks Debunking Economics podcast, with Phil Dobbie.

How long before central banks realise they are making a big mistake?

Will central bans curb inflation? Prof Steve Keen says they will make a lot of people worse off, whilst potentially making inflation worse. Listen in to find out why.

Is globalisation a good thing, or a bad thing

Globalisation could be slowing innovation. Prof Steve Keen explains why on this week’s Debunking Economics podcast. L

Are there secret men running the world?

Conspiracy theorists reckon secret men are trying to control society by controlling the money supply. I ask @profsteveken, are they right?

Is the Phillips Curve dead?

Bankers are starting to question the validity of the Phillips Curve. Today @profstevekeen explains how they’re using it wrongly, and it’s never been more relevant.

Can we beat stagflation?

Are we on the verge of stagflation?ProfSteveKeen says, yes we are, but this time it’s different and less easy to fix. Certainly it can’t be solved by central banks.

Should oil companies pay a windfall tax?

Rising oil prices means energy companies are making mega-profits. I ask Steve Keen if they should pay a windfall tax on this unexpected income?

Can developed nations reindustrialize?

Have COVID and Putin forced the west to consider self-reliance on food and energy. Prof Steve Keen says, yes, but a fortress mentality won’t protect the world from climate change.

Just how sustainable are house prices?

Houses prices will never fall in the long term, says property expert Russell Quirk. They will, says Prof Steve Keen, because banks inflate prices through money creation without meaningful controls.

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