Debunking Economics

Phil talks to Prof Steve Keen on the lies and misunderstands of the economics profession

Capital gains tax – a failed experiment in growth

Taxing capital gains less than income tax encourages risk taking and entrepreneurship, which spurs economic growth. So the theory goes.

Productivity through growth – why it makes sense to run the economy hot

Was Dutch economist Verdoorn right when he declared that people are productive when the economy is doing well? A positive spiral. Steve Keen says yes he was, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Where do you draw the line on migration?

There are pros and cons to migration, so where do you draw the line. I discuss with Prof Steve Keen in this week’s Debunking Economics Podcast.

The Future of Banks

Do banks have a future or will Fintech companies take over. Prof Steve Keen says they can only go so far, without a bank’s ability to create money.

Will banks ever behave?

Banks develop speculative bubbles because they have risk mitigated by government bailouts. I ask Steve Keen how we change the behaviour of banks, so they lose out on risks, rather than holding the economy to ransom.

Who’s next for a debt crisis?

Steve Keen says we’re already seeing the consequences of the fall in Australian house prices. But will it lead to a recession? Could the consequences really be called a crisis, or will the economy absorb the shock?

Living in a post growth economy

One for our listeners, Pieter Verhoeven, suggested we look at steady state economics and the post-growth economy. What needs to change if we are to accept the findings in Limits to Growth and what would life be like in a zero growth economy?

Can Central Banks Save Us from Climate Change?

Can climate change be fixed by those who helped us into this mess? Me and Prof Steve Keen on whether central banks have a role to play in mitigating the impact of climate change:

How is privatisation working out for you?

How are these privatised companies working out for us? I talk to Prof Steve Keen about the arguments for and against privatisation.

Taxing the multinationals

Steve Keen and I talk about how big corporates use transfer pricing to pay the least tax possible, and attempts to try and get them to pay the right amount.

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