Debunking Economics

Phil talks to Prof Steve Keen on the lies and misunderstands of the economics profession

The economics of mental health

Does economic theory ignore the existence of mental health issues? Diviya Dhami joins me and Steve Keen to talk about the payback from spending on fixing the problem.

Paying for a pandemic

How will governments, banks and companies manage the debt they’ve racked-up during the COVID-19 crisis? Will the world be even more divided in terms of the haves and have-nots?

A debt jubilee – the only real answer?

Steve Keen has long argued the need for a debt jubilee. Now, with governments, businesses and individuals racking up massive loans, is now the time to put it into practice?

After Corona, the new normal

Without a 100% effective vaccine, life will never be normal again, says @profstevekeen. But there is an upside. Listen to the latest FREE Debunking Economics podcast.

Understanding the real Adam Smith

Adam Smith – the good and the bad. Hear @ProfSteveKeen’s take on the supposed Father of Economics on episode 200 of the Debunking Economics podcast

Private energy, shared planet

How do we control energy use and save the planet? If we push prices up it’s the poor who suffer. On the Debunking Economics podcast @ProfSteveKeen says we need to consider rationing

Will COVID-19 kill the EU?

If the EU can’t fix the crisis in Italy and Spain without those nations incurring massive debt, will the southern nations pull out of the European experiment? I ask @profstevekeen

Bad start to an unhealthy quarter

There’s not a lot of good news around, says NAB’s Gavin Friend. Equities kick off Q2 as the reality check hits home.

Who is handling this virus the best?

Steve Keen on which countries are managing to control the virus and which are best placed to see a swift economic recovery, if any.

How did we get here?

On this week’s Debunking Economics podcast I talk to Prof Steve Keen and Nick Hanauer about why the western world is so slow to respond to the spread of the Carona virus, and whether we’ll repeat the mistakes once its gone?

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