Debunking Economics

Phil talks to Prof Steve Keen on the lies and misunderstands of the economics profession

Next, a repair based economy?

Are we too reliant on stuff? I ask Steve Keen if now is the time to ignite the repair-based economy?

Do we need a Corona bond?

Stimulus from central banks and governments go nowhere near seeing us through the #COVID19 crisis, argues @ProfSteveKeen. So, what do we do?

Is technology the only real driver of growth?

Can you have continual growth without innovation? Is that why we’re not seeing growth? I ask @profstevekeen on today’s Debunking Economics podcast.

We need to prepare the economy for a lock down

Cutting interest rates won’t solve the problem of low production and low demand – so, I ask Prof Steve Keen, what can be done to protect us from the impact of the Corona Virus.

Can US debt keep rising forever?

US government debt is now well over $23 trillion, It keeps rising. I ask @Profstevekeen if we’ll ever hit a point where this is a problem?

The multiplier effect and who stops it working

Its a fundamental economic principle, but who stops it working to its full extent?

Should Central Banks do all the work, or none of it?

Central banks and governments arte increasingly working at odds with each other. Is it time for one or other to take the mantle?

The impact of AI – good or bad for the economy?

Artificial intelligence – will it steal jobs or grow the economy. It can’t do both! Me and Steve Keen on the Debunking Economics podcast

Does fiscal stimulus work? What about Friedman’s argument of nominal value?

Friedman argued increasing the money supply has only a short term benefit and runs the risk of runaway inflation. I ask @profstevekeen if he got it right

Davos does diddly-squat

Davos delivered nothing – I ask @Profsdtevekeen what should be done about climate change on today’s #debunkingeconomics podcast.

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