Debunking Economics

Phil talks to Prof Steve Keen on the lies and misunderstands of the economics profession

Steve Bannister Pours Cold Fusion on Climate Deniers

Steve Bannister talks through his climate model and how it shows that we need to find a new cheap source of energy, fast.

US v China. How will it end?

The ongoing trade spat between the US and China. I ask Professor Steve Keen who is going to win, assuming there is a winner.

The good news for Australian Labor voters

A bit of a therapy session for those who wanted Labor to win, maybe its good news they didn’t.

An election surprise and the existential threat of imported cars

The markets early response to the Aussie election, the latest on trade talk delays and a bad week for Brexit. NAB’s David de Garis talks through it all with me on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Will higher oil prices drive alternative energy investment?

Will higher oil prices be enough to drive alternative energy investment? Not fast enough, says @ProfSteveKeen, we may have to consider rationing if we are to avoid climate change.

Why are some countries rich and others poor?

What makes some countries rich whilst others are so poor? I ask @ProfSteveKeen in the latest Debunking Economics podcast.

UBI and a Debt Jubilee – an economic solution or a reward for sloth?

Will a debt jubilee work? What about as universal basic income? I quiz @PreofSteveKeen on two proposals he has to revitalise the global economy.

Why Steve Keen is voting Liberal in the Aussie election

Why is a progressive economist voting for a conservative government? Is it the right reason? Listen and decide.

Interest rates – have they anywhere to go?

Interest rates have been so low for so long, does that give central banks any room to move when there’s another recession.

The next big recession – when, where and how

We are due another recession. So what will be the cause of it this time and how far will it spread?

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