Debunking Economics

Phil talks to Prof Steve Keen on the lies and misunderstands of the economics profession

Trump – good or bad for America?

He is running the only country in the G7 to see economic growth accelerate right now. Does that mean he is doing a good job?

Getting the balance right between government and private debt

Is fiscal conservatism a thing – or does it signal a misunderstanding about the role of money creation?

Are universities losing critical thinking?

Student are taught to follow a narrowly defined set of neoclassic principles. Shouldn’t they be taught to question more?

The growth of credit is slowing money down

The velocity of money has been slowing since the eighties. Is it being driven by rising levels of credit?

What’s the main driver of inflation?

Do we really understand what the main drivers of inflation are? Because whatever they are, they seem to be missing at the moment.

Can Economics Save The Planet?

Climate is changing and we don’t seem to be eager to stop it. Is there a way economics can be deployed to change our ways?

Slow money

Milton Friedman’s formula, on how the speed of money influences inflation and growth, missed on vital ingredient.

Do we need cold hard cash?

Sweden is almost entirely cashless? Is this the way of the future? And what if the machine stops?

A Tale of Two Economies

The US economy seems to be going gangbusters whilst Europe’s growth has stalled and, possibly, is starting to wane. So why the disparity between the two?

Do high mortgages slow growth?

Conventional economists say private debt isn’t an issue, only public debt. Are they right about that?

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