Debunking Economics

Phil talks to Prof Steve Keen on the lies and misunderstands of the economics profession

Should we do more to price-in externalities?

Increasingly it’s possible to find ways to charge people for external benefits they receive. Like, if they use public services more, should they pay more?

Free broadband – Corbyn’s bad connection?

UK Labour’selection pledge is to make high speed broadband free to everyone. It involves renationalising part of BT – is that a good idea?

What can we do about pay gaps?

There’s a lot of effort put into resolving pay gaps – how do you really fix the problem?

Brexit – a good idea or not?

Steve Keen and I argue about Brexit – a Brexiteer and Remainer agree on one thing – the vote should never have happened.

Making an MMT Green New Deal Global

How can MMT solve climate change when only a handful of ocuntries can take part?

Will Trump ever win his trade war?

President Trump launched a trade war to bring manufacturing back to the US. I ask Prof Steve Keen if that can ever be achieved?

Can We Afford McDonnell’s Four Day Week?

The UK Labour party wants to see us all working a four day week in the next decade. But won’t that just push up prices and send companies to the wall? Perhaps not.

Can MMT work in countries with a trade deficit?

MMT suggests governments can spend until we reach full employment. But does that work in smaller countries with a trade deficit?

The insignificance of gold

Gold used to be an intrinsic part of the monetary system .Not any more. So ,does it serve any use today, other than being a speculative instrument?

The false economies of private health

Antibiotics are failing and pharmaceutical companies aren’t getting the RoI they want to research new strains. Listen to me and @ProfSteveKeen on the false economies of private health.

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