Debunking Economics

Phil talks to Prof Steve Keen on the lies and misunderstands of the economics profession

Does QE help the poor as well as the rich?

Quantitative Easing, it seems, is falling out of favour. Does QE help the broader economy or just the financial elites?

The Crisis Ten Years On

Prof Steve Keen suggests another crisis might not be away. This time, we might not see banks collapsing, but the economic impact will be just as spectacular.

Fixing the Retirement Crisis

Savings for pensions seems to be a global issue. But the real problem is people who do save are pulling money out of the economy and slowing growth.

Bitcoin and the Future of Money

How does Bitcoin work, and will it ever be anything other can a vehicle for speculators?

Will cheaper energy drive growth?

Economic growth is dependent on the efficient use of energy. So, if energy is cheaper, will economies grow faster?

The Perils of Population Growth

Do we need population growth to enjoy economic growth? For many countries immigration seems to be the only way forward – remember the Big Australia policy?

Is Economics a Science? Really?

Steve Keen says economics can be a science, if economists behaved like scientists – that means recognising anomalies and adjusting their theories accordingly.

Laissez Faire Go Mate

How seriously should we take the laissez fare approach in the twenty first century. The answer, it seems, is that maybe the big government approach has gone a little too far.

So, what is Post Keynesian economics anyway?

In this podcast, Professor Steve Keen explains to me what post-Keynesian thinking is and how it differs from the thoughts of Lord Keynes himself.

Have women made life more expensive?

I talk to Professor Steve Keen about the negative impact of a growing workforce – not just dual incomes, but also the rising number of hours worked. And how do we redress the balance?

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