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Phil’s daily business podcast. All you need to know in 30 minutes, with a bit of attitude thrown in. And a few laughs, sometimes.

The Fast Track for China

On today’s podcast, a quick analysis of today’s UK GDP numbers, and @realVickyPryce says China’s expedient recovery might mean it surpasses the US economy a year or two earlier than predicted.

Cyclical Thinking: Cyclical Thinking

This morning @RodneyHobson on cyclical stocks and kick starting your new ISA year. Plus Greensill and Liberty Steel. And the retail bounce back starts today.

Eating out (in the cold) and Biden’s World Tax Plans

ow will the restaurant industry cope with the return of phased return of diners. I ask Patrick Hooykaas from The Fork @BookTable. Plus Joe Biden’s plans for a global tax. Are we ready for that?

Managing the Cost of Money

Central banks are controlling bond yields and its working, says Paul Kavanagh on today’s It’s the Business podcast. Plus, the IMF forecasts and more. It’s actually more fun that it sounds!

Why we need to save our steel

Will steel always need to be subsidised? I ask @dgbailey on today’s podcast. Plus, will we lose faith in the Astra Zeneca vaccine?

The end of the high street estate agent?

Is there a future for the high street estate agent? No way, says Russell Quirk on today’s podcast. Plus, are we seeing a two-speed global recovery, between those who have had the jab and those who haven’t?

How Green is Your Pension?

Opportunities for everyone” said Joe Biden last night, as he announced his $2 trillion infrastructure programme. Wasn’t Boris going to give us a green new deal? While we wait Lucy Siegle says we can start by looking at where our pension money is.

Royal Mail Delivers, Deliveroo More Doubtful

Royal Mail will do well overseas, but what about the domestic business. I ask @StreeterNews. The future is less bright for Deliveroo. Where is the vison in their Prospectus? Plus Bitcoin on Paypal. A game changer?

Websites by Numbers

Who really pays for the collapse of Archegos Capital? Plus, is your web presence doing the best it can? Today @dickendoe from @Foolproof_UX talks about how data can drive improvements by understanding your customer better.

If you gamble, you lose

Today, Rodney Hobson on the FCA’s concerns that too many inexperienced people are gambling on shares. Plus, the massive block trade on Friday and the loss in value of the company behind Andrew Neil’s GB News. And, have we reached peak-China?

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