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Savings will slow the bounce back

We are going to be more cautious with our money post COVID says Rachel Springall from @Moneyfacts_couk. Plus, Britain’s $13 billion tech company. And lockdowns for longer?

How the Ad Industry Caught COVID

How quickly will the ad industry bounce back? Gideon Sapnier from Campaign joins me, Plus a blocked Suez, vaccine wars and little rocket man returns.

Real jobs data and lockdown legacies

What will be the legacies of lockdown with Tom Cheesewright. Plus, the real story behind yesterday’s jobs numbers and is Boris right to criticize the BBC?

Eight Ways We Can Win at AI

Can Britain be one of the world’s leaders in AI? @sebkrier thinks so, provided we get the settings right. He tells us what has to change. Plus, why digital currencies are bad news for central banks. And a Gammon for London?

Save money by beating the bots

Can you beat the bots online to save some money. Jasmine BIrtles explains how, plus more tax changes coming from Rishi Sunak and what are the chances of a holiday in the sun this year?

Flying by the seat of their pants

Vaccine passports, US-China tensions and the state of the travel industry. I talk to John Strickland in today’s It’s the Business podcast

Rates rise when?

The US Federal reserve suggested no rate rise until 2024. On today’s podcast Kallum Picking says it might happen sooner. Plus what to expect from the Bank of England today, is Uber a sustainable business model and Dominic Cummings admits he was the puppet master.

Don’t reopen, relaunch

Richard Crawford Small has six ways of preparing your business for the new normal. Plus who is the new head of the OECD, and we celebrate Memphis, no longer a dirty word on Twitter.

What follows furlough?

How many people will lose their job at the end of furlough. Dr Nicola Headlam has a number. Plus, EU’s vaccine slowdown, Deliveroo’s IPO and BT workers set to strike?

Is this the time to buy to rent?

Today Russell Quirk talks up the buy to rent market, Joe Biden shows how he makes money, Carole King sings for vaccines and Baroness Jones wants men to stay in the house.

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