It’s The Business

Phil’s daily business podcast. All you need to know in 30 minutes, with a bit of attitude thrown in. And a few laughs, sometimes.

Don’t tax now Mr Sunak

Today, it’s largely about debt. With a budget just a few weeks away, Kallum Pickering jons me to explain why Rishi Sunak shouldn’t be too quick to push up taxes.

Brexit woes, efficacy worries and inflation concerns

Jon Danzig joins me to talk about Brexit – are we seeing teething problems, or is it more than that? Plus, will Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package cause inflation?

The earth is round, and Google is bigger than Australia

Two massive legal battles – Smartmatic takes on the Murdoch media, whilst Murdoch and the Aussie government take on Google and Facebook. Plus, the latest from the Bank of England and a better way of managing hotel quarantines.

Mutant Strains and Share Gains

“Social media is here and the markets have to live with it” – Rodney Hobson on the Redditt saga, plus the vaccine race and Virgin Galactic shares take off.

It’s the Business – coming soon

Coming soon, a fresh sound for early morning business news and commentary.

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