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Peak Labour Is Near

Australia, like many countries, is on the verge of Peak Labour. The workforce will shrink, but we still demand economic growth. How?

The No-Brainer Congestion Cure

Isn’t congestion pricing on obvious policy step, particularly as faster broadband enables more of us to work from home more often?

The Coalition’s low fibre diet

Twisted Wire eavesdrops on this week’s telecommunications debate at the National Press Club and questions the merits of the Opposition’s broadband election policy.

7 Ways To Integrate Email and Social Media

Email marketing isn’t dead, but to get the most of it make sure you integrate it with your social media activity. Jeff Bullas explains.

Has Keynes Had His Day?

Dr Steven Kates explains how a focus on Keynesian economics has seen governments waste money on a process that will only slow the recovery — he reckons.

Why Money Won’t Keep Top Talent

Research shows that lots of us would like to earn more, but we’ll compromise a bit for job satisfaction and prestige.

Great Sales People are Real Go-Givers

Bob Burg explains why it is so important to remember in sales that it’s not all about you, and why you shouldn’t fall in love with your product.

iiNet grabs customers, IIA teaches pollies

iiNet is getting bigger while the major political parties grasp on telecommunications is getting smaller. Two stories for the price of one this week on Twisted Wire.

Applying the Carrot Principle

We all crave recognition, but there’s a danger that your boss telling you you’re great appears insincere. How do you get the balance right?

Aussies Are Tighter than the Rest

Research for NCR by BuzzBack Market Research has shown that, out of the five countries surveyed, Aussie consumers are the biggest bargain hunters.

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