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Will readers pay for online news?

In this edition of Twisted Wire we look into the user-pays model. We might pay for content if it satisfies our specialist interests, but are the major news publishers geared up to provide such a wealth of content?

Doug Campbell on the task ahead

Tasmanian NBN chair Doug Campbell talks about the roll-out of the National Broadband Network in that state, as well as its economic viability and the path ahead.

Samuel’s battle with the phone cards

Telephone call cards — how dodgy are they, despite recent court actions by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission?

Where next for telco number three?

What’s next for AAPT? Australia’s number three telco refused to join Twisted Wire this week, so we decided to cover them anyway, guerrilla-style.

Tasmanian Premier Bartlett talks NBN

In today’s Twisted Wire, Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett explains his vision for a broadband enabled Tasmania, that will “leapfrog every other nation on earth”.

Twisted Quiz: Engineers vs. marketeers

So how did Twisted Wire suddenly change into a game show, albeit for just one episode? It’s engineers vs. marketeers at 20 paces.

A third of the way to a zettabyte

A look at how internet usage is changing in Australia and around the world. How are we meeting this demand and how is the cost structure changing for the service provider?

WiMax in Australia: Part two

WiMax could be the standard that drives the next phase of mobile broadband, it provides an opportunity for players wanting to establish a pure IP network to carry voice and data effectively — but is this what operators want?

WiMax in Australia: Part one

Will WiMax ever get a stronghold in Australia? The answer, it seems, depends on who you ask. This week’s Twisted Wire puts the question to those in the know.

The economics of the NBN

In this edition of Twisted Wire, Senator Nick Minchin, Maha Krishnapillai and Ian Birks discuss with Phil Dobbie the economic viability of the new National Broadband Network.

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