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Top 40 Business Tips #40: To Sell More, Listen and Give

Selling isn’t a one way conversation. Every successful sales person knows that. So, if you’re not selling enough, does that mean you are not listening enough?

The Seven Key Elements of Internal Communications

Do you measure your internal communications with a survey to track employee satisfaction? Happy staff is one thing, but it doesn’t tell you whether they are gainfully employed doing the right things. The focus should be on turning strategy into action.

All change in the cut-price telco world

As two major low-cost mobile providers set themselves up in Australia, Channel 7 is out to buy the rest of cut-price IP phone provider Engin. So what’s going at the cheap end of the industry?

Ten IT Infrastructure Trends for 2011

The year 2011 will be a year of transformation driven by developments in infrastructure. That’s the view of IDC senior IT industry analyst Trevor Clarke.

Why What You Spend is Out of Your Control

Recent research by The Australia Institute shows that you have less control over your spending habits than you’d like to think.

In a joint report with the Citi Banking Group they defined 28 percent of Australians as being overconfident —– people who say they make good financial decisions, but whose behaviour suggests otherwise. Perhaps worse, 41 percent are oblivious, unaware that they could get a better deal if they shopped around.

This is all great news for marketers of course, because it shows people are highly susceptible to the hype more than to their own logical reasoning. And banks and phone companies do their best, of course, to ensure that its way too hard to work out whether we’re getting a good deal.

Although this news will seem obvious to people in advertising, economists tend to theorise that people behave rationally. It demonstrates the importance of considering the behavioural aspects of economics, based on what people actually do.

Download the report: Evidence versus emotion: how do we really make financial decisions?

First published on CBS News

How to Market Smarter, Faster, Cheaper

David Siteman Garland reckons that a lot of old-style mainstream marketing relies on a dumb, slow and expensive way of working.

Education’s Social Division

There is a significant trend towards private education in Australia – those going to non-government schools has increased from 25 percent in 1993 to 29 percent last year. Is this academic apartheid?

The Fine Art of Losing Clients

Greg Alder is working on a new book listing sure-fire ways to lose clients. It sounds like it’ll be compelling reading for anyone who inadvertantly hangs on to clients.

Boards Are Not Just For Big Business

Kerryn Newton says boards have a role to play for any SME with an annual turnover beyond $20 million, or smaller businesses experiencing high growth looking for direction.

NBN Co, ‘tell us the price’

So far the government and the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) have called for our support for a scheme that is scant on detail.

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