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Kevin Rudd’s Biggest Mistake

Joshua Gans says part of Kevin Rudd’s problem was that he didn’t listen to academics and suggests that a little more private debate before launching policies might have avoided the unfavourable responses to some well meaning endeavours.

NBN’s big new deal

Confused by the detail of the Heads of Agreement between Telstra and NBN Co? In this week’s Twisted Wire we explain what has been agreed, what impact it will have and what we need to watch out for as the agreement progresses to its final stage.

5 Social Media Essentials For Business

Brian Solis says every department in your business that has external interactions will need to use social media to communicate with their respective communities.

Does Your Company Make a Difference?

 Tim Sanders says we are going through a responsibility revolution, where the motivation for a company is not just about selling stuff, it’s also about making the world a better place.

Are We Lost In Our Work?

Dalton Conley says we’re really engaging in “weisure” — a cross between work and leisure that is consuming more and more of our time.

Five Ways Your Brain Can Boost Productivity

Dr David Rock says there are five domains of human social experience. Your brain will treat each according to whether the situation presents a threat or provides a reward.

Who will be the content king?

Right now, all over the world, a battle is being fought. Everyone knows that we will soon be watching a significant amount of IPTV, but who will profit from this shift?

10 Steps to Crowdsourcing Your Advertising

Outsourcing the production of your advertising to the online crowd has many benefits. It exposes out of the square thinking, gets you close to the way customers are thinking, and has big viral potential.

Selling Up

Tim Miles talks us through the issues around getting ready for selling your business, including finding the right buyer and getting the best price.

Do Nice Girls Finish Second?

Do women need to change their ways if they are to rise to the top ranks of an organisation? What is it that’s holding them back?

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