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Will Femtocells save us from drop-outs?

Although the carriers tell me consumer demand won’t exceed wireless capacity, I don’t think I’m alone in experiencing regular drop-outs.

Is telecommunications a shonky business?

Last year the telecommunications industry set new records. Record complaints to the TIO. Record complaints from the ACCC. Why are telecommunications companies getting it wrong?

3D IPTV? Not this year

This week on Twisted Wire more industry experts talk on what 2010 will mean for the world of telecommunications.

Will 2010 be a fizzler?

2009 was a busy year in telecommunications and this year is shaping up for even more change. Or will some of the big promises start to fizzle out?

Making it up as they go along?

At the start of the year it looked like we were heading towards a fibre-to-the-node broadband network with very little talk about a separated Telstra. How the world has changed!

Conroy explains his magic filter

In today’s Twisted Wire, we put the screws on Communications Minister Stephen Conroy about his controversial internet filter policy.

A guide to the future of the internet

Last week we looked at the history of the internet in Australia. It’s been around for 20 years and changed our lives in so many ways. Imagine what it could do given another 20 years.

An abridged history of the Aussie internet

Journalist Glenda Korporaal has written “20 years of the internet in Australia” to commemorate two decades of AARNET. On this week’s Twisted Wire I talk to Glenda and Chris Hancock, the CEO of AARNET.

Is wholesale-only backhaul just a pipedream?

The potential acquisition of Pipe Networks by SP Telemedia has raised the question about whether vertically integrated backhaul providers will mean higher wholesale prices for ISP customers.

Can complaints on mobile content be cut?

On 1 July this year the new Mobile Premium Services Code was introduced. It sounds like it’s had a good impact, but is it enough?

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