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iiNet’s Malone on Netspace and beyond

The hot topic on the internet industry this week is the $40m acquisition of Netspace by iiNet. On today’s Twisted Wire Michael Malone, CEO of iiNet, says we can expect more acquisitions down the track, but not in the very near future.

The NBN stalemate explained

Things are not going smoothly for Senator Conroy. He had hoped for a smooth passage of his telecommunications reform bill that would see Telstra’s power divided and the creation of a wholesale only network that could be vended in to the new NBN.

Are mobile phones killing our grandchildren?

On last week’s program we asked whether exposure to your mobile phone is increasing your risk of contracting cancer or having a brain tumour. The jury is out on that question, with the scientific community divided and no conclusive proof either way.

Is your mobile phone killing you?

Enrico Grani was a little under 40 when he collapsed at home in Adelaide. He assumed he was having a stroke. Two weeks later doctors found a massive tumour in his brain. Enrico is convinced it was caused by mobile phone use.

NBN could increase digital divide

Most people would describe the digital divide as the discrepancy in the availability of new technologies, particularly broadband. On that basis, the roll-out of the NBN (extending broadband to almost every household in Australia) should be good news as it will lessen the divide.

Telcos preview ACCC pricing submissions

Submissions close this week on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Review of Access Pricing, where telcos say how they think pricing for Telstra’s customer access network should look.

Wireless trend undermines NBN premise

Given the population’s strong love for wireless, is the government’s planned $43 billion National Broadband Network burning cash by taking fibre all the way to the home?

iiNet and TPG battle for bronze

TPG and iiNet are neck and neck in terms of customer numbers, battling it out for the position of third largest provider. Will the company that comes out on top with the most customers be the ultimate winner, or will other factors come into play?

Vividwireless: Visionary or virtual insanity?

In March, Channel 7 will launch its latest in a line of telecommunications ventures when vividwireless starts selling WiMax broadband to the folks of Perth.

Will Femtocells save us from drop-outs?

Although the carriers tell me consumer demand won’t exceed wireless capacity, I don’t think I’m alone in experiencing regular drop-outs.

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