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Hibernation, but for how long?

There were further big falls in equities on Friday despite President Trump signing his $2 trillion stimulus package. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says there is growing concerns about how long economies will be shut down for.

How did we get here?

On this week’s Debunking Economics podcast I talk to Prof Steve Keen and Nick Hanauer about why the western world is so slow to respond to the spread of the Carona virus, and whether we’ll repeat the mistakes once its gone?

US equities rise on stimulus, despite massive US unemployment surge

An unprecedented spike in US jobless claims, yet equities rise sharply too. NAB’s Gavin Friend explains all hopes are now on the stimulus and hopes a recession will be short and sharp. But where’s the evidence?

Flying blind, destination unknown

With markets unsure where to head next, NAB’s Gavin Friend examines the COVID19 response in Europe, UK and the US, and the problems they are having.

Self-employed go hungry whilst Rishi overthinks it

Rishi Sunak seems to be ignoring the simple answer for the self-employed, An answer so simple even Donald Trump gets it.

A brief respite on hopes of US stimulus deal

Shares are on the rise on the hope of a US stimulus deal. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says the slowing death rate in Italy will also be providing some encouragement.

Unlimited QE in a world of radical uncertainty

The Fed launches QE infinity, but Congress fails to pass a stimulus deal. NAB’s Ray Attrill examines the market reaction on a morning that the WHO warns that the virus spread is accelerating.

The Chinese Virus is Bad News For Trump

The US President seems to be blaming the Chinese for creating the virus and putting responsibility on the State Governors to fix it. So what’s his job, again?

Lockdowns adding to market turmoil

More countries and regions are in lockdown. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says this is likely to add to the turmoil in global markets.

Next, a repair based economy?

Are we too reliant on stuff? I ask Steve Keen if now is the time to ignite the repair-based economy?

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