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Powell knocks mega-rise prospects on the head

The reaction to the FOMC 50 basis point rise was pretty mooted says NAB’s Skye Masters, but the press conference that followed saw yields falling sharply, a drop in the dollar and a sharp rally in equites. Listen in to find out why.

RBA loses a little patience

The RBA lifted a little more than expected. Ivan Colhoun says thew Fed sees a quarter percent rise as normal, but Taylor Nugent says the bond reaction suggests it wasn’t expected. Next, FOMC, with markets still expecting a 50 basis point rise.

Breaking the Three Percent Barrier

The ill wind blowing from China are starting to be felt in the western world, says NAB’s Ray Attrill after weaker than anticipated ISM numbers from the US. That helped push 10 year Treasury yield over 3% overnight. Plus, what to expect from the RBA.

Just how sustainable are house prices?

Houses prices will never fall in the long term, says property expert Russell Quirk. They will, says Prof Steve Keen, because banks inflate prices through money creation without meaningful controls.

The week central banks get serious

US stocks took a hit on Friday, whilst bond yields rose sharply. Why? NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says more inflation signs support the expectation for an even more hawkish Fed. But what about the RBA tomorrow?

A fall in US GDP doesn’t signify recession, yet

US fall in GDP might have been a surprise, but NAB’s Tapas Strickland says the numbers really showed the domestic economy was still performing relatively well. Inflation is an increasing concern in Europe, forcing the Riksbank to lift rates well ahead of the ECB.

RBA will hike next week

The RBA no longer has a strong argument to keep rates at 0.1% says NAB’s Ivan Colhoun, predicting a rise next week. Meanwhile, NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says Europe has to reach an arrangement with Russia – there isn’t even energy without them.

Russia turns off gas for Poland and Bulgaria

Russia turns off gas to Poland and Bulgaria. NABs Ray Attrill says markets were already n the doldrums over recession fears. Today’s CPI numbers will be watched closely by the RBA ahead of next week’s meeting.

Front end Fed and China’s quest for the impossible

There’s a risk-off mood. NAB’s Taylor Nugent says equity investors belatedly “got the memo” on the Fed’s front-end loading for rate rises, whilst fears of more lockdowns in China add to the concerns.

European bonds rise sharply as some ECB members talk up rate schedule

Bond yields are back on the rise, hitting equities. NAB’s Ken Crompton says today’s surprise has been the more hawkish sentiment coming from some ECB members.

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