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Trade war impacts as ECB prepares to pull out the stops

China feels the hurt from tariffs. NAB’s Ray Attrill talks through how markets are reacting to a trade war that looks like it’ll be with us for a while. Plus, the take-outs from Friday’s US payrolls data, what to expect from the ECB and the Brexit latest.

Talks back on, bonds sell off

Strong non-manufacturing ISM numbers and a resumption of trade talks spark a flurry of activity on stocks and bonds. I ask NAB’s David de Garis whether the markets will be as sensitive to tonight’s non-farm payrolls data.

US dollar weaker on Hong Kong, UK and Italy’s positive news

A weaker US dollar today – why? NAB’s Tapas Strickland points to three strengths elsewhere – formation of the Italian government, easing unrest in Hong Kong and the avoidance of a no-deal Brexit, for now.

US manufacturing shows cracks, Brexit delays and Aussie GDP today

Could Brexit be delayed? Could the RBA move a rate cut forward? Will poor manufacturing data in the US be the impetus for a trade resolution? Three questions for NAB’s Gavin Friend on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Is a pre-Brexit election looming?

When Boris Johnson says he doesn’t want an election, does that mean he’s about to announce one? NAB’s Tapas Strickland on the falling pound and the latest twist in the Brexit saga.

Preparing for an entrepreneurial Britain

How does Britain benefit from Brexit? Unshackled from the EU how do we drive an innovative future? Me and Steve Keen on the latest Debunking Economics podcast.

New month, new tariffs, new uncertainty

New US tariffs on Chinese imports kicked in over the weekend. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril anticipates the market reaction, whilst consumer sentiment I the US records a big drop.

China’s olive branch supports risk-on mood

Trade tensions ease as China offers an olive branch – NAB’s David de Garis talks through the market reaction, notwithstanding the increase in tariffs this weekend.

Boris, proroguing his way to Brexit

The pound took a hit today as PM Johnson announced he would suspend parliament from Sept 12th. I ask NAB’s Gavin Friend why the pound bounced back so quickly, and what happens next.

Markets fall after yesterday’s false hope

Markets have retreated from the temporary optimism of yesterday. I talk to NAB’s Rodrigo Catril about the latest turn the US China trade talks, including falls in bond yields and equities. Still, there’s optimism in Italy and the UK. For now.

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