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Fears the Fed will ‘keep at it’ for a while yet

There’s an expectation the Fed will ‘keep at it’ for a while yet. But not just the Fed. JBWere’s Sally Auld says markets have priced in more than a 75bp hike by the Bank of England as well this week.

Prepare for a volatile week of Banks and Holidays

Prepare for a week or uncertainty. NAB’s Ray Attrill says, after the carnage last week the mix of central bank decisions and thinner liquidity with so many public holidays, means we could be in for a wild ride against this week.

Heading higher and taking longer

Markets still reeling from the US CPI says NAB’s Gavin Friend, as front-end yields push higher and shares fall again. Plus, any glimmer of hope from the Xi Putin meeting?

The day after. No big bounce.

Markets haven’t bounced back much since yesterday’s surprise CPI. NAB’s David de Garis says they are still entertaining the possibility of a 100bp rise by the Fed.

Peak inflation, not yet

There wasn’t any good news in the US inflation numbers, says NAB’s Ray Attrill, with a 100bp rise by the Fed now a possibility.

The risk of rising risk sentiment

There’s rising risk sentiment ahead of US inflation data later on. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says there’s some hope that inflation is close to peaking.

Fed still pushing, BoE pushes back, EU struggling for answers

NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says it makes no sense for shares to be rising last week when we can expect more bad economic news to come, so expect more volatility.

Yields rising as ECB lifts rates and Fed prepares for a big one

Bond yields rising even though ECB’s 75bp hike was fully anticipated and Jerome Powell said nothing new ahead of the Fed’s expected next big rise. NAB’s David de Garis said markets are hoping central banks will pull back at some point and they are looking for that inflection point, which isn’t happening yet.

Bigger hopes of smaller hikes to come

A weakening dollar and a rally in bond yields. NAB’s Skye Masters says there’s some recognition that we are reaching the point where the pace of central bank tightening can slow down.

More work for the Fed, UK’s massive Truss Fund

Markets were surprised by a strong services ISM overnight. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says forward indicators were also strong. This suggests the Fed has more work to do. Meanwhile Britain’s new PM has markets worried about large spending plans that won’t do much to calm inflation.

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