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Markets hit as China bites back

Big moves on stocks, bonds commodities and currencies overnight as the US China trade war escalates. I ask NAB’s Gavin Friend where we go from here.

The crazies are in charge

Mary Queen of Scots lost a fight in Glasgow on this day in 1568. The jury is out on who won the fight between Farage and Marr on BBC1 yesterday. Plus the lowdown on Trumponomics.

Volatility ahead as US China trade dispute intensifies

Tariffs about to kick in and Trump says more on the way. How will the markets react? I talk to NAB’s David de Garis about the worsening trade stand-off.

Will higher oil prices drive alternative energy investment?

Will higher oil prices be enough to drive alternative energy investment? Not fast enough, says @ProfSteveKeen, we may have to consider rationing if we are to avoid climate change.

In Support of Baker’s Monkey Business

Can Danny Baker’s tweet be racist if he didn’t intend it to be? Surely it’s all in the eye of the beholder?

China “broke the deal”. Tariff deadline hours away.

A sharp reaction on the markets to Trump’s ‘China broke the deal’ comment. Can we expect a further reaction when tariff increases kick in? I talk to NAB’s Gavin Friend.

Markets resting on hope of a tariff delay

US equities reversed their declines from a day ago. I ask NAB’s David de Garis whether this means the markets aren’t convinced Trump will impose his tariffs this weekend. Plus the wash-up from yesterday’s RBNZ rate cut.

Will the UK leave Europe before World War III?

Will the UK leave the EU before Trump and Iran lead us into WW3? The question of the day on Balls Radio.

No deals, no rate cut and little Euro-growth

Markets react again to growing concern about extra US tariffs on China from the weekend. Plus the RBNZ rate decision today, downgraded forecasts for Europe and the manoeuvring to oust May.

Why are some countries rich and others poor?

What makes some countries rich whilst others are so poor? I ask @ProfSteveKeen in the latest Debunking Economics podcast.

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