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China shops, RBA waits, FOMC meets

Positive numbers from China helped boost markets but NAB’s Gavin Friend says we should still expect dovish forecasts from the FOMC tomorrow morning.

Pfizer vaccine by year end and more easing by the RBA?

Yet more vaccine hopes, more TikTok jiggery pokery, more Brexit uncertainty and possibly more easing from the RBA. Rodrigo Catril talks us through it all on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Six months on, a still uncertain future

Progress on a vaccine could hurt tech stocks says NAB’s Tapas Strickland. Plus words of caution on US inflation numbers, rising Chinese credit and a look ahead to this week’s RBA meeting.

Pound pummelled as UK EU relationship turns sour

Observers have taken a very dim view of the UK government’s Brexit approach says NAB’s Gavin Friend, and that’s hit the pound hard again today. Whilst broader uncertainty has hit US stocks again.

Equities bounce back ahead of ECB meeting

NAB’s Tapas Strickland says opinions are still divided on tech valuations as stocks bounce back. Plus, what can the ECB do to tackle the rising Euro?

Nordhaus is the climate’s worst enemy

William Nordhaus has made some spurious claims when arguing that climate change won’t be too detrimental to our economy.

US equities hit again, Boris and Donald play tough guys

Equities take another hit – NAB’s Gavin Friend says its down to COVID numbers and Trump’s rhetoric on China. The pound meanwhile, hit by yet more Brexit uncertainty.

Brexit Brinkmanship and the Melbourne effect

More brinkmanship on Brexit, Trump’s “Super V” recovery and the impact of the Melbourne lockdown on other states. NAB’s Tapas Strickland on today’s Morning Call.

Goodbye Shinzo, Farewell Abenomics?

Will the end of SDhinzo Abe’s poitical career spell the end to Abenomics and a return to fiscal conservatism? And at what cost?

US jobs coming back, but harder from here

Big falls again on Friday, but NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says equity markets are still supported by an ultra-easy policy from the Fed which could last years

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