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New highs, fast jabs and more inflation brush off

New highs in US equities again driven by vaccine optimism says NAB’s Tapas Strickland on today’s podcast, along with a consolidation in US bond yields (even though they rose on Friday)

Eating out (in the cold) and Biden’s World Tax Plans

ow will the restaurant industry cope with the return of phased return of diners. I ask Patrick Hooykaas from The Fork @BookTable. Plus Joe Biden’s plans for a global tax. Are we ready for that?

Job confusion, yield consolidation, vaccine concerns

There’s a bit of consolidation occurring in the markets right now, says NAB’s Tapas Strickland, with a dearth of top tier data. Jerome Powell reiterated that sustained inflation is still a long way off, but the ANZ Business Survey for New Zealand perhaps tells a different story over there.

Managing the Cost of Money

Central banks are controlling bond yields and its working, says Paul Kavanagh on today’s It’s the Business podcast. Plus, the IMF forecasts and more. It’s actually more fun that it sounds!

Why we need to save our steel

Will steel always need to be subsidised? I ask @dgbailey on today’s podcast. Plus, will we lose faith in the Astra Zeneca vaccine?

Markets Lacklustre, Unsurprising FOMC minutes

Very quiet markets overnight. NAB’s Gavin Friend considers that there might be a little rebalancing, with the realisation that, although Europe might be slower than the US to recover it will only be a matter of months. The destination will be the same.

Consolidating and vaccinating

Economies are recovering, particularly in the US, evidenced by the latest IMF forecasts. Yet markets are cautious today. NAB’s David de Garis wonders whether markets are listening to Jerome Powell when he reiterates that it’s a long road ahead.

The end of the high street estate agent?

Is there a future for the high street estate agent? No way, says Russell Quirk on today’s podcast. Plus, are we seeing a two-speed global recovery, between those who have had the jab and those who haven’t?

US bounce pushes equities to record highs

US equities have shot up on the back of very strong economic data. On today’s podcast NAB’s Ray Attrill says the surprise is that Treasury yields are lower than they were this time last week. Today the RBA meets, job vacancy numbers are out for Australia and the Caixin Services PMI is out in China.

Central banks investigate digital money

Central banks around the world are looking at introducing their own digital currencies. I ask @profstevekeen, what exactly do they mean, and what’s their end game?

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