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Mobile, VoIP and geographic phone numbers

Will we see mass adoption of VoIP calling on our mobile phones? Does VoIP over 3G provide the quality of voice call that we’ve grown to expect? Can we expect the mobile carriers to fight its adoption and control access on their networks?

The portals’ battle for the start

Will ninemsn and Yahoo7 maintain their dominance in the fight for the share of our internet time?

Is telco advertising out of control?

Dodo has been taken to task for misleading advertising. But is telco advertising in Australia misleading in general? What can be done to make it easier for consumers to understand?

Get ready for the applications boom

Will the NBN provide a boom for local application developers? If so, have we got enough local expertise to develop these applications? A visit to many government department websites will show how poor the user experience can be. With the new network will we just get more frustrated quicker?

Wired Brown Land: The podcast

Paul Fletcher has seen two sides of the telecommunications industry. First as an advisor to Senator Alston, the communications minister under the Howard Government, then he headed Regulatory Affairs for Optus. So what insights can he provide on the industry over the last decade?

What can we do with 100Mbps?

Australia is hurtling slowly towards one of the fastest broadband networks in the world, but what are we going to do with it?

Will internet kill the digital radio star?

Next month digital radio will be rolled out in most Australian capital cities. But is it too little, too late? Is the real future for radio moving online?

Kev the Broadband Builder

Is the NBN announcement a good thing? The industry at large seems to say yes. The Opposition is less sold on the idea, as you’ll hear from Nick Minchin.

And the NBN winner is…

Next week the government will announce the winning bidder for the build of the National Broadband Network. The announcement is expected when Kevin Rudd returns from the G20 in London.

Telstra: We hear separation rumours

Is the government manoeuvring towards a structural separation of Telstra?

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