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Will the RBA cut rates today?

Will the RBA cut rates today? I ask NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Trump’s week-end tariff spat

Is President Trump bluffing on hiking tariffs on China by the end of the week? I talk to NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on what promises to be a very choppy week.

Vote for the ‘None of the Above’ party

The UK don’t like any of the major parties. Isn’t it time to give people the option to vote for ‘none of the above’?

One Day After the Fed

The markets continue to respond to Fed Powell’s ‘transitory’ remark on low inflation yesterday. I ask NAB’s David de Garis whether that means we’ll see wages pick up in the non-farm payrolls?

2nd May – Traitors, Adultery and Carney

A bad day for Theresa May, but could Facebook’s revamp be good news for divorce lawyers? And a day to say nothing for Mark Carney.

Powell’s tightrope walk on inflation

Was Jerome Powell a little more hawkish than expected? NAB’s Gavin Friend talks about the market turnaround in the press conference that followed the FOMC decision.

UBI and a Debt Jubilee – an economic solution or a reward for sloth?

Will a debt jubilee work? What about as universal basic income? I quiz @PreofSteveKeen on two proposals he has to revitalise the global economy.

1st May – They’ve gone Caracas in Venezuela

Who wins if unrest in Venezuela pushes up oil prices? Plus, will Apple really make a success of being a service provider? Listen on Balls Radio.

Europe performs, Venezuela riots, the world waits for the Fed

Will the Fed still be patient? Is a China trade deal close? Is the fall in Aussie house prices slowing? I ask NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on today’s Morning Call podcast.

April 30: Huawei, Google and Beluga Whales

Balls Radio on Russia’s plan to overtake the world using Beluga Whales with a GoPro strapped o the back.

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