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China’s stimulus helps ahead of tariff hike

China’s industrial production numbers give ground for some optimism, helping the Aussie dollar. Rodrigo Catril on The Morning Call podcast from NAB.

Good debt, bad debt

Is debt a bad thing? Or is some good for the economy? How can we tell the difference. Steve Keen explains.

US share hit highs, China trade slows, earnings season kick offs

China’s trade data was a concern on Friday, but on today’s Morning Call podcast NAB’s Ray Attrill says we didn’t see much adverse market reaction. It was a different story in the US, where equities hit new highs as speculation continues on the size of the next rate cut.

How to tax global tech

France plans to introduce a 3% transaction tax on tech. On TalkRADIO I suggested an easier way of gauging whether these companies are paying their fair share.

A hint of rising inflation doesn’t budge Powell

A hint of inflation, another Trump Twitter attack on China and day 2 of a dovish Powell, plus bad news for Australia (and we’re not just talking cricket) – I talk to NAB’s David de Garis on The Morning Call podcast.

Powell ignores payroll

A dovish Jerome Powell sends markets back to where they were before the non-farm payrolls last week. Phil Dobbie talks to NAB’s Gavin Friend about the rising expectation for a rate cut this month.

Tariffs bite as Powell prepares to testify

Small business is starting to see the impact of tariffs says NAB’s Ray Attrill on The Morning Call today, whilst Kaixin Owyong finds some good points in an otherwise gloomy outlook in the latest NAB Business Survey. Plus the Powell testimony today, of course.

Markets on hold, as Fed speakers go into overdrive

Markets are waiting on word from Jerome Powell and cautious about earning season, says NAB’s Tapas Strickland on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Is there a better way of funding retirement?

Many of us can’t afford to retire, yet the government’s welfarfe bill is climbing. How do we get out of this mess?

Why BP don’t care what National Trust does

National Trust is divesting £30m that it has tied up with fossil fuel companies. On TalkRADIO I explain the simple reason why the BPs and Shells of the world won’t care.

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