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Your Brain’s New World

Aas we understand more about our brain the more the opportunity arises for products that interface with our brain — like driving your car just by thinking your way through.

Fixing the Regional Divide

Services in regional Australia are often cross-subsidised by hiking up the cost of services to people in metropolitan areas. Is that really the best way?

Death of a rock star

Steve Jobs was Apple. In this special edition of Twisted Wire we look back at his career and also ask how the company will survive without him.

What Is It About You?

In this edition of BTalk, Valerie Khoo, author and founder of the Sydney Writers’ Centre, highlights five common mistakes people make on their company profile

The Banks’ Sneaky EFTPOS Switch

Have the banks just pulled a swift one when it comes to accountability for EFTPOS transactions? How did they manage to get it under the radar of mainstream media?

Losing Sight of Value

There’s no doubt the capitalist world got ahead of itself over the last decade or so and a few recent conversations on BTalk helped to explain why.

What Are Your Office Peeves?

What annoys you at work? LinkedIn asked 17,653 professionals what they thought.

Apple Loses A Rock Star

Ill health has forced Steve Jobs to step down from his CEO role at Apple. The risk is as big as a rock band losing its star lead singer — a bad next album and the party is over.

NBN Co’s Mike Quigley unplugged

Two years into the job as head of NBN Co, Twisted Wire spends half an hour with Mike Quigley to talk about his role and the progress of the nation’s biggest ever infrastructure project.

Speed Thinking for Beginners

Ken Hudson says if you accelerate the speed of your thinking you can solve problems in a new and energised way.

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