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Selling to the Big Retailers

Retail expert Julian Josem explains how to get your product onto store racks or supermarket shelves.

Don’t Kill The Passion

Charles Kovess, author of Passionate People Produce, asks why some people are enthusiastic about working at a new company, but soon after it becomes just another job.

5 Rules For Pricing

Pricing a new product is one of the most complex issues producers face. Here are some rules to follow to get it right.

Everything old is Project New again

Telstra is undergoing a transformation project, but is that news? Isn’t Telstra always undergoing some sort of change program?

What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is becoming a more popular technique for market research. Graham Page explains how it can be applied.

How Fish Can Help Your Corporate Culture

Stephen Lundin was so impressed with the atmosphere in the fish markets in Seattle that he decided to document it on film and use it as part of a training program.

Six Rules For Dealing With Difficult Customers

Kurt Newman, co-founder of Sales Consultants, has six rules he says you need to follow when dealing with difficult customers:

Good and Bad Start-up Ideas

In this edition of BTalk Ian McGowan, a senior analyst at IBISWorld, takes us through the five best and worst start-up opportunities for 2011.

How to write an NBN cost-benefit analysis

Have you ever wondered why the government hasn’t produced as cost-benefit analysis for the NBN? Is it because, as some argue, they know it won’t stack-up? Or is it because many of the potential benefits are in the future, and can’t be valued because we don’t know what they are?

Five Dumb Sales Questions

Art Sobczak takes us through five of these questions that can stop a sales conversation in its tracks – and suggests an alternative approach in each case.

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