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Convenient Untruths on Climate

Professor Corinne Le Quere counters the “facts” against climate change provided by Bob Carter from the Institute of Public Affairs.

Who’s Listening to Your Phone Messages?

Mobile phone security expert David Rogers says hacking into phone messages is relatively easy to do, especially if you haven’t set a PIN to access your account. It’s also possible to spoof your number and fool your message service into thinking it’s you calling up.

Apple’s cloudy thinking

This week we look at Apple’s iCloud, as well as ask whether the government’s digital economy strategy is a clear vision or whether it, too, is a little cloudy.

Avoid a Miliband Media Moment

The UK’s Labor leader Ed Miliband gave a rather unsual interview this week. He answered five questions with exactly the same answer, almost word for word.

Launching an iPhone App

With million of iPhone apps available, how do you stand out from the crowd? It’s certainly not a case of build it and they’ll come.

Is the NBN building a regional divide?

Was the deal between Telstra and the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) just another nail in the coffin for a broadband strategy that is going to miss out on its main objective?

Our Dark Angels

Former Secretary to the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, John Menadue, is appalled by the prevalent attitudes towards asylum seekers in Australia.

After the Dot

The naming convention for websites is about to change, with a thousand new first level domains enabling brands to replace .com with their own name.

The Battle for Your Wallet

In Australia, and around the world, there’s a battle raging between traditional retailers and new online players.

Protect, Perish or Prosper?

The world is getting smaller. We need to embrace it, but the question is, do we need to protect ourselves from it too?

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