Interviews and rants from radio shows

Talking Brexit on TalkRADIO

I discuss Brexit with George Galloway – the most polite disagreement you’ll ever hear.

Talking China on TalkRADIO

A quick piece on TalkRADIO this morning to talk about the slowdown in the Chinese economy and the possibly ramifications.

All Brexit options are bad – Merry Christmas

On Sunday I spoke on Katie Perrior’s show on TalkRADIO about the ease or otherwise of moving to WTO rules. Here’s the audio, and here are more thoughts on the matter for those who prefer to read rather than listen.

BBC Radio Solent Drive – 25th September 2019

Me on drive on BBC Radio Solent – three hours of very local stuff.

BBC Radio Solent Drive – 24th September 2018

Another day of local news on local radio, for a few local people who might have been listening.

Radio Solent Drive – 21st September 2018

My first gig on the BBC – drivetime on BBC Radio Solent one Friday afternoon. Here some bits of it.

Crocs are heading south

Crocodiles are slowly heading south, thanks to climate change. That plus all the other big news of the week from down under.

The lady don’t care

The First Lady turned up at a child detention centre wearing a jacket with the words “I Don’t Care’ on the back. What was she thinking?

Watch the final hour of That Saturday Night Thing

I Periscoped the last hour of my last show on LoveSport Radio. You can watch it back here.

Brexit – two years, no progress

Martin Fletcher, former foreign editor at The Times, talks about the lack of progress on Brexit negotiations.

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