Interviews and rants from radio shows

Is the Internet making us lose reason?

Jamie Bartlett wrote ‘The People versus Tech – how the internet is killing democracy’. I spoke to him on my show on LoveSport Radio.

Ice melting faster than we thought

New research shows the effects of climate change could be accelerating. I talk to Professor Andrew Shepherd about the acceleration in the melting of polar ice.

May’s Deadlock

This week Theresa May has to win over the rebel Tory MPs if she is to get her EU Withdrawal Bill over the line. So why is it so contentious?

The two dictators meet

Oops! Fox News describing the summit in Singapore between Trump and Kin Jong Un as a meeting of the two dictators. Hang on, we haven’t got that page in the script yet! Have a listen …

Richard Kazimer on Trump’s tariffs, border control and a family cashing in

The US President pisses off the G7 and claims to have won the World Cup.

Australia, sporting losers, fake meat and crazy ants

The #fakemeat scandal that is taking Australia by storm.

Anger, outrage and the alt-right

If we are going to get angry, surely we should be angry about the right thing. Oxfam is not the enemy.

Lovesport – 16th June 2018

Lots on Grenfell one year on – how do we make social housing better and why do we have so little of it? Plus Brexit, the gridlock and how Theresa May’s NHS announcement shows she is ready to side with the hardliners.

Roller coasters, Geronimo and Ugley (sic) women

A look back at the 16th June in year gone by, from the world’s first Roller Coaster through to the foundation of the Women’s Institute.

Mandatory English tests in Australia – will any of them pass?

Australia is about to get stricter on the level of English required from migrants. What about the local population – will they be taking the tests?

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