Interviews and rants from radio shows

Trump returns home from G7 and Kim Jong Un photo-op

Donald Trump’s overseas trip achieved nothing except pissing people off, says Richard Kazimer in the US.

Should parliament have a vote on the Brexit deal?

Should parliament decide what deal is reached – or do we leave it to the cabinet to determine our future? I talk to talk to Bronwen Maddox , the Director of the Institute for Government.

What the Lords wanted to change in the Withdrawal Bill

It’s easy to criticise the House of Lords for wanting to change the Withdrawal Bill, but isn’t it good news that someone is going through it with a fine toothed comb? I discuss the changes they want to see.

A confusing time to be a Brexiteer

There’s a lot of confusion amongst Brexiteers about what they want. Do they want to take control of our borders? And do they want democracy? Or are they justifiable losses in the fight for the greater good?

We don’t need another Grenfell

After Grenfell, there has to be a fundamental question about the quality and availability of social housing.

The Poojogger and pissed off meteorologists

Australia is intrigued by the case of the poojogger – the late night athlete who never makes it home before needing the toilet.

With Tommy Robinson, it’s all about Tommy

Is Tommy Robinson’s crusade against Muslim gangs grooming young girls more about Tommy than the victims? 

A Pardon, a new President, some Coal and a Super Bowl

Richard Kazimer talks about a controversial pardon, why we need more coal and how a Super Bowl party turned bad. Plus, Howard Schulz for President. Who?

Canada on a high, Trump on a trip

Canada is legalising cannabis, whilst he US President gets on a high by a different trip altogether. Touring the world upsetting as many leaders as possible.

Prince Philip’s Real Birthday Usurped By Queen’s Pretend One

This weekend is the Queen’s ‘official’ birthday with a public holiday. But it’s also Prince Philip’s real birthday, I ask royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams how he’ll be celebrating.

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