Interviews and rants from radio shows

With Tommy Robinson, it’s all about Tommy

Is Tommy Robinson’s crusade against Muslim gangs grooming young girls more about Tommy than the victims? 

A Pardon, a new President, some Coal and a Super Bowl

Richard Kazimer talks about a controversial pardon, why we need more coal and how a Super Bowl party turned bad. Plus, Howard Schulz for President. Who?

Canada on a high, Trump on a trip

Canada is legalising cannabis, whilst he US President gets on a high by a different trip altogether. Touring the world upsetting as many leaders as possible.

Prince Philip’s Real Birthday Usurped By Queen’s Pretend One

This weekend is the Queen’s ‘official’ birthday with a public holiday. But it’s also Prince Philip’s real birthday, I ask royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams how he’ll be celebrating.

The Future of the High Street

I ask Caroline Baldwin from Essential Retail, host of the Retail Ramble podcast , what is the future, if any, for the High Street. Has online won the game?

Extending Heathrow is the wrong answer

The Heathrow expansion is the wrong decision. A rail link and expansion at Gatwick is better for competition, not to mention pollution, congestion and the saving of a suburb.

Can we stop Brexit?

Jon Danzig is campaigning for the Brexit decision to be reversed. But with both sides of politics committed to delivering the “will of the people”, can that ever happen?

Australia’s PM – the highest paid leader

David Campbell talks about the Australian Prime Minister’s healthy pay packet. Plus, is New Zealand a mere pawn in China’s quest for global domination? 

Roseanne, Parenthood and Steel – Richard Kazimer on a week in the US

Roseanne Barr showed her true colours this week, and probably scotched for career in the process. Richard Kazimer on another crazy week in the US.

The EU Gravy Train

We tend to think of the bureaucrats in Brussels as the people making the easy money out of the EU – but there are lots of people milking it here in the UK too.

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