Interviews and rants from radio shows

The EU Gravy Train

We tend to think of the bureaucrats in Brussels as the people making the easy money out of the EU – but there are lots of people milking it here in the UK too.

The Italy Crisis – is it Parmageddon?

Is the chaos in Italy the start of something bigger? Could we see the country push to leave the Euro, for example? I talk to economist Prof Steve Keen.

Tommy Robinson arrest – was it a travesty of justice?

Tommy Robinson was arrested this week. Was it, as the alt-right are claiming, a travesty of justice?

Were London’s cycle lanes ill-judged and rushed through?

Fran Graham from the London Cycling Campaign refutes Mike Brown’s comments that London’s cycle lanes were rushed through and ill-judged.

Douglas Irwin on Trump’s Trade War

I talk to Douglas Irwin, Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, about President Trump’s duties on steel and aluminium.

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