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Retail numbers push US equities even higher

Equities, bonds and the greenback all respond to positive retail numbers in the US. NAB’s Gavin Friend says investors are still cautious, even as share indices keep hitting new highs.

US deal done, new highs again for equities

Equites in the US reach new highs as trade deal is signed. NAB’s Alex Stanley forecasts less anti-China rhetoric from President Trump this (election) year.

Big Beautiful Monster of a Deal Day

It’s big beautiful monster of a deal day today. NAB’s Tapas Strickland talks us through it on today’s podcast.

China cured of currency manipulation

China no longer sees China as a currency manipulator. NAB’s David de Garis says this is another positive sign ahead of the signing of the trade deal this week.

Are we set for a year of higher growth?

Strong retail numbers for Australia last week and the US-China trade deal to be signed this week. On The Morning Call we ask NAB’s Ray Attrill about the prospects for stronger growth globally this year.

From uncertainty to positivity? The Year Ahead.

From uncertainty to positivity? The big question. Me with NAB’s Morning Call team in our end of year markets wrap.

Good Aussie jobs numbers add to a positive vibe

Markets look like they are ending the year with a positive vibe. NAB’s David de Garis says yesterday’s Aussie employment numbers have helped.

Slow day, with steepening yields and softer pound

A quiet day but markets are in good shape says NAB’s Gavin Friend, with steeping yield curves and equities close to year highs. So will Aussie employment data be good news today too?

Brexit Risk Returns, US output boosted, Aussie dollar lower

Pound hit hard by the return of hard Brexit fears. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on whether you can do a trade deal in a year.

Are shares heading for a melt up?

Big movements in equities, some profit taking on currencies. NAB’s Ray Attrill on a day that’s seen shifting positions after the UK election and the US China agreement.

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