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US dollar sinks along with Trump’s hopes

The US dollar is down as Trump’s victory hopes weaken. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says the Chinese Yuan has also been buoyed by hopes of a Biden win.

Markets cling on to stimulus hopes, but maybe after a Biden victory

Markets still clinging to hopes of a US stimulus deal, but it won’t happen till next year says NAB’s David de Garis. Plus NZ zero interest rate expectations reignited.

Markets bounce back on piecemeal stimulus hopes

Market sentiment turned by hope of a piecemeal stimulus deal, but NAB’s Taps Strickland wonders whether the Democrats will play ball. Plus, are the Australian government’s growth forecasts too optimistic?

Markets take a hit as Trump ditches stimulus talks

President Trump ditches stimulus talks. NAB’s Rodrigo says there’s been a swift market reaction, but is Trump bluffing?

Don’t be Afraid of COVID

Risk on with Trump released, stimulus hopes continue, RBA meets, Aussie budget. Get across it all with NAB’s Gavin Friend on today’s Morning Call podcast.

One big October surprise

If the US President returns to the White House will the markets lose their risk concerns and focus on the hopes of a stimulus? A question for NAB’s Ray Attrill on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Fiscal stalemate and long tunnel vision

The claw back in US jobs is a grind, says NABs David de Garis, whilst the fiscal stimulus talks are in gridlock, and Brexit tunnel talks may not happen next week. Still, the mood is risk on!

Strong US data with no room for Chicken Lickens

Strong numbers out of the US but, on today’s podcast, NAB’s Gavin Friend warns the pace of US jobs growth is slowing. Meanwhile the pound is up on Brexit hopes, the Aussie up on strong China PMI numbers.

No more heroes anymore

Fiscal stimulus looks even more unlikely says NAB’s David de Garis, whilst Brexit hopes in the UK rise. Meanwhile China’s PMI numbers and RBA credit numbers will be of interest to Aussie investors.

Taxing issues don’t hold back risk sentiment

The US President’s tax returns may influence some voters, says NAB’s Tapas Strickland, but it didn’t deter positive sentiment which saw a broad-based gain in equities in the US and Europe.

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