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Markets brush off all yesterday’s news; RBA cut expected

A quarter percent rate cut is expected from the RBA today. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril explains why, as well as examining the sharp fall in the Kiwi dollar and bad news expected from Japan today.

Trump’s equity delisting threat, a storm in a China teacup?

Did the markets overreact on Friday to US threats to delist Chinese companies in US stock exchanges? NAB’s Tapas Strickland says there are big divisions in the US administration on this.

US Dollar close to two year high, despite everything

The US dollar almost at a two-year high. Despite all that’s going on in the US. NAB’s Gavin Friend explains why.

New trade hope, no smoking gun, more Brexit noise

US markets are less concern by impeachment than positive signs on US China trade. NAB’s Tapas Strickland on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Impeachment talk knocks markets

Equities, bond yields and oil all hit hard by impeachment proceedings against the US President. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril talks through a busy day for geopolitical news, on both sides of the Atlantic.

German manufacturing worst in 10 years; will Lowe signal RBA rate cut

German manufacturing data (worst in 10 years) suggests a recession. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says the Bundesbank doesn’t see it as a cause for concern. Listen in to find out why.

Trump pours cold water on trade hopes

Last week finished in a risk-off mood. Why? NAB’s Rodrigo Catril talks about the impact of failing US China trade talks, Germany’s budget, Brexit uncertainty, mixed Fed attitudes and Iran-Saudi relations.

Will jobless numbers push the RBA to cut sooner?

Will the RBA curt rates on the back of bad job numbers? NAB’s Alex Stanley talks through the Aussie employment numbers, plus Fed bank decisions and liquidity concerns in the short term money markets.

Fed turns hawkish, bank liquidity problems continue, oil slides further

The FOMC sounded more hawkish than expected. NAB’s David de Garis talks through the market reaction, the Trump tweet and oil returning to levels pre-Saudi crisis.

Oil slides as production returns

Saudi Arabia production backup by the end of month. NAB’s Gavin Friend talks through the market reaction and previews the Fed’s policy decision tomorrow.

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