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China fixes whilst Trump fiddles

China is helping quell trade and currency concerns. NAB’s Tapas Strickland takes me through the market reaction, including a strengthening Aussie dollar.

Germany and NZ send markets on a rollercoaster

session high on volatility, spurred on by bad German data and rate cuts by central banks.

China helps the bounce back

US declares China currency manipulators but, as NAB’s Gavin Friend highlights in today’s Morning Call, it’s the actions of the PBoC that helped markets to moderate a lot overnight.

Market Frenzy on Chinese Trade Response

Markets respond markedly to China’s response to US tariff threat. I talk to NAB’s David de Garis about the share sell-off and flattening yield curve.

Market prices US-China trade escalation

How did the markets shake down after President Trump’s China tariff announcement? And what happens next? NAB’s Ray Attrill on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Trump goes all the way on China tariffs

Garis about the incredible market reaction.

Fed cuts as expected, but markets still react

The expected cut from the Fed but, as NAB’s Gavin Friend explains on today’s Morning Call podcast, Jerome Powell was a little too hawkish for the markets.

The Fed Decision, Aussie and European Inflation and the Falling Pound

A busy day – Phil Dobbie talks to NAB’s Rodrigo Catril about the Fed rate decision, Aussie inflation, European growth and CPI, the falling pound and Trump’s latest twitter spat against China.

Hard Brexit or a Quick Election?

The pound has taken a hammering, but the Euro hasn’t. NAB’s Ray Attrill says on today’s Morning Call, it’s all the more reason to believe the UK is heading for an election rather than a no-deal Brexit.

Stronger earnings, surprising GDP, but no grand-deal

What does the stronger than expected US GDP read last week mean for the Fed rate decision this week? I ask NAB’s Tapas Strickland. Plus, is it a week of trade deals going nowhere?

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