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Markets torn between economic data and virus stats

Markets continue to be pulled between positive sentiment, encouraging data and rising COVID-19 stats. NAB’s Ray Attrill on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Back to work, but clearly not for everyone

Why, as the US economies reopen, the number of jobless isn’t falling away? “Is it because businesses are finally throwing in the towel as partial reopening reality bites?” asks NAB’s Gavin Friend on today’s Morning Call.

How many jobs will go?

On today’s Morning Call NAB’s David de Garis talks about how unemployment numbers are likely to be understating the impact of the virus, ahead of Australia’s unemployment rate today.

US retail bounce, UK’s life saver, Trump’s next trillion

A rebound in US retail, hopes of a trillion dollar stimulus and a treatment for severe cases of OVID-19 – NAB’s Tapas Strickland says these are three reasons markets are on a positive bent right now.

China’s slow rebound, Fed goes further

US equities are back on the rise as the Fed starts to buy corporate bonds. NAB’s Ray Attrill also looks at China’s activity data and tensions with Australia.

The impact of lockdown easing is the crucial question

Concerns over how far economies can reopen without raising infection rates – NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says that’s the real question for markets right now.

Reality check as investors run for cover

The Fed gave markets a sharp reality check and today we’re seeing the consequences. NAB’s Ray Attrill on today’s correction.

Fed not pulling back till 2022

The Fed doesn’t expect to move interest rates before 2022. NAB’s David de Garis analyses the FOMC statement and Jerome Powell’s press conference.

Share Crazy

The greatest economic of our lifetime and yet shares are at all time highs. I ask @profstevekeen why, in the latest Debunking Economics podcast.

Easing off the pedal, Aussie takes a hit

Equity rally stalls I the US. A bit of profit taking, says NAB’s Tapas Strickland, plus caution over the risk of another wave of the virus.

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