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Waiting on the payroll

A quiet session on the markets as the world waits for Friday’s non-farm payrolls data in the US. And on Brexit, I ask NAB’s Ray Attrill whether Britain could fall-out of Europe without a deal by accident?

A Trio of Optimism

Markets are in positive territory right now, thanks to a trio of optimism says NAB’s Tapas Strickland. He talks through the good news on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Markets calmer, Aussie takes a hit, Theresa reaches out

Global markets are calmer but, as NAB’s Rodrigo Catril explains, the Kiwi and Aussie dollar took the biggest hit. In Australia’s case it was largely because of the impact of the housing downturn.

Has the global slowdown bottomed out? Already?

Has the global slowdown bottomed out? I talk to NAB’s Tapas Strickland about sharp moves in Treasury yields and stocks as optimism beds in.

China data brings fresh hope

China’s PMI numbers over the weekend were better than expected. I ask NAB’s David de Garis whether this assumes a strong, risk-on mood for the first week of a new quarter?

Brexit date determined today; US China trade talks could take months

Today was the day the UK was to leave the EU – we’ll get a new date today. NAB’s Tapas Strickland talks about procrastination in US China trade talks too, which isn’t helping the global slowdown.

Bonds run hot; Sacrificial May

Bonds run hot, the reaction to yesterday’s RBNZ meeting and Theresa May is the sacrificial lamb for her Brexit deal. All that’s driving markets today, with me and NAB’s Tapas Strickland.

Hope supports shares and the Aussie dollar

The Aussie performs well as the stock market bounces back with a risk-on mood. I ask NAB’s Ray Attrill, ‘why the change in direction?’

Going nowhere fast

Brexit looks shaky, Germany shows hope and at least one member of the Fed is sounding more hawkish. NAB’s David de Garis talks through what counts with Phil Dobbie on The Morning Call podcast.

US recession talk and EU helps kick the can

Does an inverted yield curve mean a recession is on the way? Too early to call, says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril. But, it does seem the slowdown in Europe will last longer than envisaged.

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