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All eyes on Portugal, the Gulf and US manufacturing

All eyes are on Portugal today to see what Mario Draghi says at the ECB Forum. NAB’s Ray Attrill talks about that on today’s podcast, plus the surprise fall in US manufacturing numbers.

Lower inflation, lower yields and lower rates – a busy week for central banks

Lower bond yields and slower inflation expectations. Phil Dobbie talks to NAB’s Rodrigo Catril about rate cuts from the central banks.

Expectations of rate cuts rise, unrest in the Gulf grows

More evidence of rising rate cut expectations in Australia and the US. NAB’s Alex Stanley talks through the indicators, plus discusses the implications of unrest following attacks in the Strait of Hormuz.

Pipeline sanctions threat as Trump turns focus to Europe

Trump not happy about new Russia German pipeline – a sign that he will go heavy on other European trade sanctions? NAB’s Gavin Friend on todays Morning Call podcast.

China’s stimulus boosts equities, for a bit

A stimulus from China, another threat from Trump, a weakening outlook for Australia, and a plethora of Central Bank speakers. Phil Dobbie talks through it all with NAB’s Rodrigo Catril.

Trump ends Mexican standoff, markets react

On The Morning Call @NAB’s Ray Attrill says today’s NAB Business Survey could be a strong influence on how soon the RBA moves next on rates. Whilst the Mexican tariff resolution has helped bond yields, despite bad payrolls data on Friday.

An optimistic ECB, despite everything

No disaster scenario from the ECB. NAB’s Gavin Friend says they didn’t want to be seen to be panicking in the fast moving markets and Mario Draghi seems to be in denial.

Too much oil, hope for Mexico and ECB on hold?

Big falls in employment numbers in the US, but NAB’s Ray Attrill says the Fed’s Beige Book points to a US economy doing well. So what does this mean for rate cut expectations? Plus, what will the ECB say today?

Powell’s balancing act; Lowe hints at further cuts

Markets buoyed by Fed’s Powell signalling rate cuts and hope that Mexico won’t be hit by tariffs. On today’s Morning Call podcast NAB’s Rodrigo Catril talks through the news, plus Philip Lowe’s hints at another rate cut for the RBA, possibly more.

RBA rate cut, Fed to follow.

It’s RBA day today. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says a rate cut is completely priced in and falling yields in the US show expectations of a cut there are ratcheting up. Meanwhile its antitrust investigations that are having the biggest influence on US stocks.

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