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Fed’s emergency cut doesn’t halt the carnage

Big risk off moves after Fed’s emergency rate cut, including a massive drop in Treasury yields. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril talks through another volatile 24 hours.

RBA ready to cut; G7 phone hook-up helps markets

A rate cut is very likely from the RBA today, but NAB’s Ray Attrill says a phone hook-up tonight of G7 central bankers will set determine the global emergency approach.

WHO declares another case of Johnson impregnation

WHO declares another case of Johnson impregnation – that pushes the unofficial count to six, but it could be much higher. Balls Radio has the facts.

China’s manufacturing crumbles, central banks ready to step in

The worst PMIs on record for China and central banks likely to coordinate rate cuts this month. NAB’s Tapas Strickland on the latest market responses to COVID-19 news.

The rout resumes on fears of the unknown

Huge volatility in the markets again. NAB’s David de Garis talks about how traders are struggling with the unknown.

Markets Grab a Short Breather

The markets are still very cautious over COVID-19 but NAB’s Tapas Strickland says there are signs that China is slowly getting back to work.

Further falls on virus news, Fed easing expectations rise

Markets are falling further as virus shows little sign of easing. NAB’s Gavin Friend says expectations are now rising for rate cuts from the Fed.

Sharp moves as COVID-19 concern reaches fever pitch

Oil, equities, bonds, currencies – all reacting sharply to the spread of COVID-19. NAB’s Ray Attrill talks us through the market fallout on today’s Morning Call podcast.

COVID-19 spreads further, bond yields fall

Markets respond markedly to COVID-19 spread on Friday. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril, talks through the big risk-off move on today’s Morning Call podcast.

COVID-19 Jitters hit Asian currencies; Aussie dollar at 11-year low

Virus concerns return and the Aussie dollar hits an 11-year low. NAB’S Rodrigo Catril explains why.

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