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Draghi ignores the freefall, for now

The IFO shows Europe is in ‘freefall’ but, as NAB’s David de Garis discusses on today’s Morning Call podcast, the ECB made no moves today.

European manufacturing weakens ahead of ECB

Further signs of manufacturing weakness see bond yields drop across Europe ahead of the ECB meeting today. How will they respond? Phil Dobbie talks to NAB’s Alex Stanley.

BoJo wins, China trade talks next week

Predictability and surprise on today’s Morning Call podcast with Phil Dobbie and NAB’s David de Garis. We knew Boris Johnson would become the UK’s PM, we weren’t expecting trade talks to kick off between the US and China next week.

Tying up loose ends before recess

On a quiet night for data, I talk to NAB’s Tapas Strickland about the US debt ceiling, US China trade talks, Iran tensions, Aussie housing and the ECB later this week.

Cuts out of context

It’s as though Fed’s John Williams didn’t say anything on Thursday. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on how the expectation now is back to a 25 basis point cut from the Fed next week.

Heading for a half percent cut?

Could the Fed be careering to a half percent rate cut at the end of the month? I ask NAB’s Alex Stanley on today’s Morning Call podcast. Plus, no proroguing for Boris.

A Darker Shade of Beige

A pessimistic outlook in the Fed Beige Book, fears of another government shutdown, stocks down on trade fears – on today’s Morning Call podcast NAB’s David de Garis talks about the new normal.

Mixed US data, more trade talk rhetoric, Brexit drives pound down

An escalation of the trade spat, hard Brexit bravado and Fed rate cut talk are the biggest drivers on the markets today. I talk to NAB’s Tapas Strickland on today’s Morning Call podcast.

China’s stimulus helps ahead of tariff hike

China’s industrial production numbers give ground for some optimism, helping the Aussie dollar. Rodrigo Catril on The Morning Call podcast from NAB.

US share hit highs, China trade slows, earnings season kick offs

China’s trade data was a concern on Friday, but on today’s Morning Call podcast NAB’s Ray Attrill says we didn’t see much adverse market reaction. It was a different story in the US, where equities hit new highs as speculation continues on the size of the next rate cut.

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