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Asian equities hit, US stimulus delayed, Aussie inflation today

Are Asian stocks in bubble territory? NAB’s Tapas Strickland suggests the PBoC will tighten policy. Plus, Aussie inflation, US earnings and the ECB’s response to the falling US dollar.

Vaccine delays throw dampener on recovery timelines

Markets are finding it hard to look through the COVID news. NAB’s Ray Attrill says there’s been too much bad news to ignore.

ECB sticks with bond buying plans and readies for double dip recession

NAB’s Gavin Friend talks about how the ECB plans to tweek its bond buying. Plus Biden and Yellen on day one of the new Presidency.

Inauguration Day Highs

Most companies have beaten earnings expectations. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says that explains why stocks are at all-time highs, plus the stimulus from the new Presidency.

America Goes Gaga as Janet Yellen Acts Big

Janet Yellen says the US administration needs to act big in the next Corona virus package. NAB’s Ray Attrill says she also signalled no change in direction regarding China.

Trump’s last day – how much will Biden undo?

As Biden prepares to move into the White House NAB’s Tapas Strickland says the unanswered question is his attitude towards China.

Is Biden’s Honeymoon Over Already?

NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says Biden’s pledge to make sure everyone pays their share has hit equities in the US, whilst demand for bonds has risen as investor chase yield.

Bond yields rise as Powell puts paid to tapering

Jerome Powell has helped push Treasury yields higher. NAB’s Gavin Friend says the Fed Chair indicated they would look through any short-term rise in inflation as a reason to cut their bond buying.

Bond yields fall on less taper talk; Biden ready to spend big

Treasury yields continue to fall as Fed speakers downplay the prospect of tapering Fed purchases any time soon. NAB’s Tapas Strickland on today’s Morning Call.

Treasury appetite is still strong

A decline in Treasury yields following auctions in the US shows the appetite to hold them is still strong says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on today’s Morning Call.

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