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Powell ignores payroll

A dovish Jerome Powell sends markets back to where they were before the non-farm payrolls last week. Phil Dobbie talks to NAB’s Gavin Friend about the rising expectation for a rate cut this month.

Tariffs bite as Powell prepares to testify

Small business is starting to see the impact of tariffs says NAB’s Ray Attrill on The Morning Call today, whilst Kaixin Owyong finds some good points in an otherwise gloomy outlook in the latest NAB Business Survey. Plus the Powell testimony today, of course.

Markets on hold, as Fed speakers go into overdrive

Markets are waiting on word from Jerome Powell and cautious about earning season, says NAB’s Tapas Strickland on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Friday’s jobs data has shifted the debate from how much should the Fed cut to whether to cut at all, says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Trade slow, yields lower

Very light trade today with the US holiday, but that’s not stopped bond yields heading even lower. I ask NAB’s David de Garis whether the buoyant mood in shares will pull back with the US reporting season next week.

Record highs on equities, bond yields fall, and more weak data

Record highs for US equities as bond yields fall further. NAB’s Gavin Friend talks about more weak data, a dummy spit from President Trump and Australia’s growing trade surplus.

Rate cuts, Carney’s shipwreck and a new gig for Lagarde?

What next for the RBA? Where did Carney’s shipwreck come from? And is Lagarde right for the top job at the ECB. On the Morning Call, I go through all the day’s market news with NAB’s Rodrigo Catril.

RBA in Darwin to add some heat to the economy

On The Morning Call, NAB’s Ray Attrill talks about the short lived optimism after the G20, not helped by weak manufacturing data from the US and Europe. Plus, a rate cut expected today from the RBA.

Trumps talks about more talk – enough for the markets to go on?

The G20 providing some relief that things won’t get worse between the US and China but, as NAB’s Tapas Strickland describes, there won’t be any sharp market reaction and a Fed rate cut still looks likely for this month.

False hope on G20? Unicorn dreams from Boris?

The G20 summit kicks off, but will Presidents Trump and Xi reach an agreement? I ask NAB’s Gavin Friend whether the expectations are overly optimistic.

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