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EU doldrums, UK hope and China’s complications

Lighthizer flags the complexities of a US China trade deal. He’s playing bad cop to Trump’s good cop says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril.

Powell’s adjustments, May’s delays

Theresa May’s talk of a Brexit delay has boosted the pound. I talk to NAB’s Gavin Friend about that, Jerome Powell’s testimony and what else is driving the markets today.

China deal close, another vote on Brexit?

China US trade deal seems close and no-deal Brexit even less likely now, possibly even a second People’s Vote. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on two significant developments on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Average inflation, deal hopes and a really big can kick for Brexit

NAB’s Ray Attrill on the last chance to push back that March 1 tariff deadline. The Fed’s talk of average inflation targeting. And Brexit – could it be pushed back two years?

Rumoured coal blockade pushes Aussie down

Is Aussie coal being blocked in China? Unconfirmed reports hit the Aussie hard. I ask NAB’s David de Garis if it’s an overreaction.

Fed minutes, UK defections and Aussie jobs

The Fed a little less dovish? NAB’s Ray Attrill on the first response to the FOMC minutes this morning.

Fed thinking and trade talk pontificating

US stocks continue to rise but, as I discuss with NAB’s Rodrigo Catril, uncertainty remains over the China trade talks and there’s clarification needed from the Fed’s thinking in tomorrow’s minutes. The pound does well on strong jobs and wage numbers.

A bit of car trouble

Is Trump about to impose tariffs on German imports? NAB’s Tapas Strickland struggles to see how it could be argued on national security grounds, so is it just another negotiating tactic?

No shutdown, just an emergency (and a holiday)

A risk on mood as the US govt shutdown is avoided and optimism on US China trade talks. But are these real resolutions? I ask @NAB’s David de Garis whether markets are getting ahead of themselves?

Hours from the shutdown solution; US retail shock; May defeated

Is the government shutdown hours from a resolution? What was the response to weak US retail sales? Does Theresa May’s latest defeat matter? And what will Christopher Kent have to say this morning? NAB’s David de Garis talks to me about a busy 24 hours.

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