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Markets might have overaccentuated the positive

Markets have reacted badly to economic data out of the US. Even though investors have been looking to life beyond the curve, the size of the economic impact as had a psychological impact, says NAB’s Gavin Friend.

V-shaped optimism drives shares higher

Equities are buoyed again today – NAB’s Tapas Strickland says its built on hopes that lockdowns will end soon, but he also reckons the Fed’s involvement in corporate bond purchases is being reflected in share prices.

Buying junk and cutting oil

Fed to buy junk bonds, EU and OPEC+ both reach compromise deals and the Aussie dollar outperforms all G20 currencies. It won’t be a dull week for the markets says NAB’s Ray Attrill.

EU Fiddles Whilst Equities Rise

Could business resume sooner rather than later? NAB’s Gavin Friend suggests equities are behaving as though we will – and President Trump has tweeted as much. Also, on today’s podcast, EU finance minister fails to reach agreement on stimulus, oil spikes on hopes of a supply settlement, and Bernie Sanders pulls out of the Presidential race.

Equities rise as Europe’s curves flatten

Equities surge and the Aussie dollar rises on hopes that infection curves are flattening in Europe. NAB’s Ray Attrill says today’s end to the Wuhan lockdown will also be a key dimension over the next week.

Monumental hope from markets but British PM’s condition worsens

Hope springs eternal on equity markets. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says it’s all down to a plateauing of the virus in Europe and hope that lockdowns will ease, helping economies get back onto their feet. But is this hope a little premature?

Are we turning a very long and slow corner?

The rate of growth in COVID-19 fatalities might be slowing in Europe, and perhaps an easing of restrictions in China. NAB’s Tapas Strickland is asked if we are turning a corner. Plus the latest on the dispute over oil supplies.

Oil talk and jobless surge

Massive moves on hopes of an oil truce and worse than anticipated jobless claims in the US – 10 million claims in two weeks, says NAB’s David de Garis.

US and Europe – two sides of the same coin

It’s a day of mixed emotions, says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril, with equities heading in opposite directions on each side of the Atlantic. COVID19 news is mixed too – there are glimmers of hope but the timescale may be longer than many had hoped.

See you on the other side

The response to Scott Morrison’s job retention stimulus, plus the influence of month-end on a rally in equities. NAB’s Ray Attrill makes sense of today’s market moves.

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