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May helps pound up whilst US chows down

Theresa May has reached agreement with Europe on the shape of the final deal, helping the pound up, whilst the US chows down for Thanksgiving.

Oil Rises, Stocks Rebound, China warned

Oil rebounds, so do equities, but be careful how much you read into the moves says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril, with light trade ahead of Thanksgiving.

Oil and equities: back where we started from

A massive hit in oil prices and US equities, yet the US dollar is on the rise. NAB’s Gavin Friend looks at a night of sudden moves and speculates on what’s to follow.

Wall street takes a hit with more US-China tensions

Wall street takes a hit with more US-China tensions. I talk to NAB’s Tapas Strickland about concerns about tariffs and a global slowdown. Is the US also starting to slow?

Fed turns dovish in an uncertain world

US dollar and treasury yields fell last week – is there a new attitude to the velocity of US rate rises?

Pound hit hard – May ploughs on regardless

A cliff edge for Sterling. Phil Dobbie asks NAB’s David de Garis how low it could go?

May’s First Hurdle. Step two is survival.

Theresa May’s cabinet has approved her Brexit plan, but a five hour meeting indicates it wasn’t plain sailing. Could this be the end of the line (for her)?

Pound soars as Brexit draft deal done – now for the politics

The EU and UK have agreed a draft 500 page Withdrawal Agreement. It’s the first Brexit milestone, but will it stick?

Brexit and a bucket of salt; Trump threatens more than tariffs

Is Brexit getting anywhere? The pound is assuming not, with big falls. Trump is threatening Chinese trade beyond the use of tariffs.

An oil pact and Boris’ Bro a blow for Brexit?

Could the hope of a Brexit deal be about to come to an end? Will the Saudis stop a bull run on oil?

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