Twisted Wire

A weekly podcast on the tangled mess that is the Australian telecommunications industry

The need for more air

Wireless spectrum is being fought over by mobile providers, TV networks, emergency services and a myriad of other users.

Convergence: more than meets the eye

The government has launched an investigation into convergence, but its focus is on the impact of the internet on the media industry. Why has it singled out one industry?

Optus out to stop NBN scope creep

The National Broadband Network Company’s attempt to backhaul all traffic to interconnect in seven state capitals was a huge example of scope creep. It took the firm well beyond the realm of offering last-mile access. Do we need to look out for more?

Telstra drops pants, but shows little

Telstra’s half-yearly results last week showed the company can cut margins to acquire a lot of customers, but it didn’t offer any evidence of a successful longer-term strategy.

The rise of the Vodaphobe

It seems there might be an underclass of mobile phone user, those connected to the Vodafone network. But could the issues soon spread to other network providers?

Getting our phone numbers in order

Voice over IP has always challenged the convention of phone numbering plans. This week ACMA made a slight change to the rules, but there’s a lot more to do.

Revolutionary ideas 2: Budde, King, Malone

Telecommunications will change the way we live, with new behaviours and the merging of industries. And telcos, if they don’t change, could go the way of the dinosaurs.

Revolutionary ideas: Brooks and Bradlow

This week and next on Twisted Wire a variety of telecommunications experts give their views on how the industry will evolve. What changes will happen and how will telecommunications change the way we live?

Four telco priorities for 2011

Last year was a roller-coaster ride for the telco industry. We enter 2011 with a lot to sort out — all potentially destructive for the future of the industry.

NBN is too expensive at $80 retail average

Malcolm Turnbull says the NBN is offering no cut-price nirvana. He’s right — the average wholesale price of $52 could translate to a retail price of around $80 to $85.

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