Twisted Wire

A weekly podcast on the tangled mess that is the Australian telecommunications industry

Distorting telecommunication costs

Who picks up the bill when change occurs? Whether it’s governments building networks like the NBN in Australia, an FCC tax on international traffic into the US, or a charge against content providers from European service providers; all have unintended consequences.

Alan Jones’ NBN confusion

When he’s not insulting the Prime Minister, shock-jock Alan Jones is busy ensuring that his listeners avoid the intricacies of the debate on publicly funded broadband.

Telcos’ future: Slim down and open up

Phone companies have allowed over-the-top players to roll over their turf. But customers are fickle, and, with a more innovative approach, they can soon claim back their home-ground advantage.

Network or beyond? The future for Optus

SingTel has launched 4G in Australia, but beyond this infrastructure play it faces the same question as every other telco: what next?

Julian Burnside on surveillance laws

Barrister and human rights campaigner Julian Burnside says that we shouldn’t be giving more powers to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, given that the body is unaccountable.

The Australian Govt’s rush to snoop

The government wants to give access to more telecommunications data to assist with law enforcement. It sounds like an infringement on civil liberties. Will it be able to push it through?

New Zealand’s broadband muddle

New Zealand’s broadband network has been held up as an example for Australia. But is it as good as some might think?

NBN in Willunga: the low-down

We talk about the NBN with those who are in the know – people who are actually using services over the network.

Telstra results and NBN costs: the analysis

Telstra’s mobile network delivered a strong result for the telco this morning, but NBN Co’s fixed-line solution will cost more and take longer than expected.

Telstra’s land-grab opportunity

What will happen if Telstra starts rolling out fibre-to-the-node VDSL services?

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