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Preparing for the Nutroast Economy

Automation is stealing our jobs leaving us with lots of time and nothing to do. Fortunately, vegetarianism provides an opportunity to spend long periods of time in the kitchen for little nutritional benefit.

It’s the gig economy, stupid

The vast majority of new jobs in the UK were created by the self-employed. Unless we’ve had a sudden rush of entrepreneurialism, it’s a warning sign that the gig economy is changing the structure of work.

I’ll Do Anything for Trump, But I Won’t Do That

It wasn’t exactly what the Prime Minister expected on her first meeting with the new President. But there had to be some reason she had beaten Benjamin Netanyahu to the post.

How Millions of Illegal Migrants Are Destroying Our NHS #FakeNews

#FalseNews is not just the domain of the leftards, as they are becoming known in a theological battle that involves lots of put-downs and nothing in the way of rational thinking.

At last, with LinkedIn Microsoft sees some sense

Microsoft’s plan to buy LinkedIn makes perfect sense. The question is, what will capitalise on the opportunity?

Survey – some Muslims are as Homophobic as Devout Catholics

Channel 4s programme, What Muslims Really Think, seems to be based on a survey asking very leading questions.

Jobs for a nation of paper shufflers

The latest jobs data gives hints of where the Aussie economy is headed – and just what we needed, more real estate agents.

It’s not a spending problem, it’s a GDP problem

Australia’s Treasurer wants to curb spending. Yet the elephant in the room is the sliding economic growth. Fix that, he boosts revenue and the deficit disappears.

The NBN is broken. Here’s the fix.

Can we consider the evolution of the NBN to be anything short of a disaster? In this article for the TelSoc journal I suggest a better way forward.

Radio’s “juke box” approach is killing DAB

The commercial radio industry’s juke box approach to digital radio is killing the medium and is a demonstration of how protected their industry is.

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