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Jobs for a nation of paper shufflers

The latest jobs data gives hints of where the Aussie economy is headed – and just what we needed, more real estate agents.

It’s not a spending problem, it’s a GDP problem

Australia’s Treasurer wants to curb spending. Yet the elephant in the room is the sliding economic growth. Fix that, he boosts revenue and the deficit disappears.

The NBN is broken. Here’s the fix.

Can we consider the evolution of the NBN to be anything short of a disaster? In this article for the TelSoc journal I suggest a better way forward.

Radio’s “juke box” approach is killing DAB

The commercial radio industry’s juke box approach to digital radio is killing the medium and is a demonstration of how protected their industry is.

Why Sydney house prices will fall. And by how much.

Sydney housing is sitting on a knife edge. It’s close to being the least affordable it’s ever been, and it’s achieved that with the lowest ever interest rates.

Why radio regulation needs to change

Today’s radio ratings – which again show marginal shifts in a tired industry – demonstrate that now, more than ever, this is need for an overhaul.

Is Hockey creating the real emergency?

In his budget Joe Hockey is cutting little from Labor’s spending, but expecting a massive hike in revenue.

Kyle isn’t the only one leaving breakfast radio

It seems Kyle and Jackie O aren’t the only ones leaving breakfast radio – the audiences are leaving too.

Read this, fatso

Amazingly, with less than a year till I am fifty, I still fall below the average which, for a 45-54 year old male, is a staggering 100.9cm (40 inches).

Is conservative talkback the only kind?

Talk radio people, it seems, have been brought up to believe that right wing shock jocks are the only means of engaging people. Tell people what to think, or say something controversial just to get a rise out of them.

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