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Is conservative talkback the only kind?

Talk radio people, it seems, have been brought up to believe that right wing shock jocks are the only means of engaging people. Tell people what to think, or say something controversial just to get a rise out of them.

Tele’s Front Page Boat Lies

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph hit a new low today, with a headline detached from any shred of evidence.

The Real Figures on Government Debt

Australia’s rising government debt is more to do with falling tax receipts than high government spending. Why would this be an issue when our GDP has been growing so quickly?

A Disaster for the Australian Psyche

The sad truth is, however you try to distort the statistics, Australia didn’t do well at the Olympics.

WA’s Oliver Twist Syndrome

It seems if you live in the mineral rich states you think the dividend should stay there; if you live elsewhere, you think it should be shared around.

Money for Nothing, That Ain’t Working

Why is the world economy is such dire straits? Because too many people, for too long, have assumed that if they have the cash, they can get more money, for nothing.

The Pokie Tax Won’t Work or It Will, You Can’t Have it Both Ways

There’s a fierce debate about how much poker machine reforms will hurt the clubs. There’s no doubt they’ll take a pummelling, but then we have to look at how serious we are about fixing the problem.

Revive Eighties Capitalism

With Reaganomics and Thatcherism the argument was that if the rich got rich, the wealth would be passed down to all. Well, guess what: it hasn’t worked.

Is Qantas the World’s Most Expensive Airline?

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has a fight on his hands to overhaul his airline. There’s no doubt changes have to be made, but is he making the right decisions?

Confusing Stats Muddy the NBN Debate

The latest ABS stats appear to show how wireless is outstripping demand for fixed connections in the home. But a closer look shows they do nothing of the kind.

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