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Do Telcos Understand Very Small Businesses?

Friday, 12 July 2013 08:21

In the world of telcos you are either a home phone user, or you’re a business. But what if you are a home based business? Statistics suggest that about 1 in every 5 premises includes a home business. This large group of the population are forced to choose between a home and business product. 


This week on CrossTalk we look at how VoIP can help solve many problems, but its often described in a way that confuses the business owner. Rather than taking the full functionality of a platform and offering it to everyone, telcos need to learn how to chunk up the functionality into bite-size capabilities suited to individual segments.

Home businesses face the unique challenge of how to separate their home and business communications. Why have none of the major telcos delivered a solution to remedy this issue?

This week, discussing how service providers look after small business Phil Dobbie talks with:

- Technology advisor, Andrew Cox

- CEO of Brainmates, Adrienne Tan

- Former COO of Engin, Graeme Dollar

- CEO of Market Clarity, Shara Evans

- Network Services Manager at iiNet, Roger Yerramsetti

- Founder of Flying Solo microbusiness community, Robert Gerrish

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Do Telcos Understand Very Small Businesses?

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