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Ed Husic and the NBN Mantle

Wednesday, 24 July 2013 12:34

This week on CrossTalk we meet with Ed Husic, MP for Chifley and the new Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband. Ed is no stranger to telecommunications. Before being elected to federal parliament at the last election he was national president of the CEPU.

As you'll hear in the program he is a strong advocate of the NBN, although he might have liked to have seen some things done differently. For example, he clearly believes Telstra's experience could have been called on more for help in the roll out.

That said, he reckons the project will be on track from hereon in and will be a strength that the government carries to the next election.

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Ed Husic and the NBN Mantle


+1 #1 Michael Maher 2013-08-20 15:34
I have just listened to this podcast. Excellent representaion of what the Government is offering with FttP by Ed Husic. He sure knows his topic. Great to see a Man with such passion for the NBN FttP. Myself as a former Telstra tech know that the hybrid solution of FttN & copper for the last mile will not be a sucess in the long term.

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