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The Total Telecom Podcast - soon

The Morning Call

This daily podcast, produced for the National Australia Bank, for the finance and investment community has been a daily commitment for the last two years, and its going from strength to strength.

I feel like we’ve got the right blend of information, comment and a little humour too. It’s fast paced and delivered early each morning, attracting over a thousand listens each day. I note Bloomberg’s Daybreak podcast for Australia gets about a quarter of our audience size. No doubt Donald Trump’s incendiary approach to economics has helped make The Morning Call a must-listen for so many people. 

Catch all the episodes on Soundcloud.

The Debunking Economics Podcast

This is a weekly podcast for those with an interest in how the economy really works. Its a joint professor with Professor Steve Keen – basically I come up with the topics and tease out his opinions and knowledge. Sometimes we disagree on stuff – like Brexit, but he can’t be right all the time.

This is a crowd-funded podcast. Subscribers to Steve on Patreon – those who pay $10 or more per month – get access to the podcasts. We’re up to about US$7k in revenue each month.

Those who don’t can listen to the first 8 minutes or so of what is usually a half hour podcast.

Listen to the previews here or at debunkingeconomics.com

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