Radio gigs

LoveSport Radio

I settled nicely into a weekly Saturday night shift on the fledgling LoveSport Radio in London in March. Although I know nothing about sport – literally, nothing – the station ran current affairs shows at night, and at lunchtime. I had the Saturday night shift, plus I filled in on other nights and in the lunchtime slot from time to time. It’s anyone’s guess as to how big (or how small) the audience was, but my Saturday gig was starting to garner a bit of feedback when the plug was pulled on all non-sport content. Basically, they’d reached an agreement with Ofcom to change their original licence format, so there was no need for current affairs boffins any more.

But three hours on a new station was a rare opportunity to expand on subjects without the confines or a restrictive radio format. I enjoyed it. And I made a point of not being top heavy with guests to fill the air time – I just talked!


TalkRADIO seemed like a nice fit for me – it’s a challenger brand and it’s all talk. So I was pleased to be invited in February to fill-in for James Max on the Early Breakfast for one week. I thought it went well, but they didn’t invite me back. Was it something I said?

BBC Radio Solent

There’s a learning curve with the BBC, and I went through it. Their way of working, what you can and can’t say, and their multivarious systems – including ViLOR (virtual local radio). For a brand new system there’s still a lot of importing and exporting from one system to another. I filled in on Drive for a week, and read the news for a few more. I’d like to think they’ll have me back.

You can browse loads of clips from my radio shows here

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