Brexit – a good idea or not?

Steve Keen and I argue about Brexit – a Brexiteer and Remainer agree on one thing – the vote should never have happened.

Boris is fighting for the lions share of a minority

There’s no doubt his strongarm tactics help Boris Johnson won public support, but polls suggest he’ll never win over the majority. Why? Because they don’t want Brexit.

Boris is a man with a plan. Here it is.

The path of events suggests Boris Johnson has his sights set on resurrecting the Withdrawal Agreement. He just doesn’t want the DUP to know about it.

Project Fear – Chapter One

Life after Brexit. It won’t be this bad, surely?

Leave most definitely does not mean leave

On Balls Radio, how leaving without a deal would go against the will of the people. Nigel Farage has been selectively quoting from a poll that shows three quarters of the population would not be happy with that outcome.

The non-binary answer to Brexit

Brexit is a fiasco because we were presented with a binary choice. New Zealand can teach us how to reach a conclusive answer to what is fundamentally a two stage question – should we change, what are we changing to?

Brexit – two years, no progress

Martin Fletcher, former foreign editor at The Times, talks about the lack of progress on Brexit negotiations.

May’s Deadlock

This week Theresa May has to win over the rebel Tory MPs if she is to get her EU Withdrawal Bill over the line. So why is it so contentious?

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