On the Couch: Burning the Midnight Oil

Dr Jessica Revill on how much overtime can workers put in before they start to become counterproductive

On the Couch: Being the new guy

Dr Jessica Revill on how to make first impressions count when you start a new job, and how to prepare for it.

On The Couch: Working Smarter

Phil Dobbie and Dr Jessica Revill discuss how to work smarter. You don’t have to stay at work until all hours to get more done.

On The Couch: Broken Hearts

Dr Jessica Revill discusses what to do when a relationship ends. Don’t let the end of a relationship destroy your performance at work.

CXOs Unplugged: James Reinders, Intel

I discuss methods of motivating teams with Intel software evangelist James Reinders

CXOs Unplugged: Peter Williams, Deloitte Digital

I find out from Peter Williams, CEO of Deloitte Digital, how to cultivate innovation in the workplace and capture new ideas

CXOs Unplugged: David McLean, Microsoft

David McLean is head of Xbox for the Australian Region

CXOs Unplugged: Robbee Minicola, TIVO

Robbee Minicola talks about launching Tivo in Australiaand how it differentiates from other offerings such as Foxtel.

CXOs Unplugged: Hans-Dieter Hausner, Bayer

Phil Dobbie speaks with Bayer A/NZ Managing Director Hans-Dieter Hausner on how companies can merge successfully.

CXOs Unplugged: Robbie Cooke, Wotif

Wotif’s Robbie Cooke explains how his online business has coped with the economic downturn.

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