Is technology the only real driver of growth?

Can you have continual growth without innovation? Is that why we’re not seeing growth? I ask @profstevekeen on today’s Debunking Economics podcast.

We need to prepare the economy for a lock down

Cutting interest rates won’t solve the problem of low production and low demand – so, I ask Prof Steve Keen, what can be done to protect us from the impact of the Corona Virus.

Should Central Banks do all the work, or none of it?

Central banks and governments arte increasingly working at odds with each other. Is it time for one or other to take the mantle?

Does fiscal stimulus work? What about Friedman’s argument of nominal value?

Friedman argued increasing the money supply has only a short term benefit and runs the risk of runaway inflation. I ask @profstevekeen if he got it right

Economic Growth – it’s complicated

Economic growth predictions are generally based on very simple measures. The Atltas of Economic Complexity is a better predictor of future growth. Here’s why.

Should we do more to price-in externalities?

Increasingly it’s possible to find ways to charge people for external benefits they receive. Like, if they use public services more, should they pay more?

Will Trump ever win his trade war?

President Trump launched a trade war to bring manufacturing back to the US. I ask Prof Steve Keen if that can ever be achieved?

The insignificance of gold

Gold used to be an intrinsic part of the monetary system .Not any more. So ,does it serve any use today, other than being a speculative instrument?

The false economies of private health

Antibiotics are failing and pharmaceutical companies aren’t getting the RoI they want to research new strains. Listen to me and @ProfSteveKeen on the false economies of private health.

Are we on the verge of a global recession?

An inverted yield curve suggests we are on the brink of a recession. Yet Steve Keen suggests that’s not the case, but what will follow will be felt for much longer.

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