Speculation, determinism and pessimism

More Brexit speculation, economic pessimism and a deterministic approach to trade talks. NAB’s Ray Attrill on what’s driving market right now.

Oil and equities: back where we started from

A massive hit in oil prices and US equities, yet the US dollar is on the rise. NAB’s Gavin Friend looks at a night of sudden moves and speculates on what’s to follow.

Pound hit hard – May ploughs on regardless

A cliff edge for Sterling. Phil Dobbie asks NAB’s David de Garis how low it could go?

An oil pact and Boris’ Bro a blow for Brexit?

Could the hope of a Brexit deal be about to come to an end? Will the Saudis stop a bull run on oil?

The Waiting Game

As Americans head out to the polls the markets are left guessing whether it’ll be a good or bad result for President Trump. What will it mean for the economy?

Jobs for a nation of paper shufflers

The latest jobs data gives hints of where the Aussie economy is headed – and just what we needed, more real estate agents.

It’s not a spending problem, it’s a GDP problem

Australia’s Treasurer wants to curb spending. Yet the elephant in the room is the sliding economic growth. Fix that, he boosts revenue and the deficit disappears.

Money for Nothing, That Ain’t Working

Why is the world economy is such dire straits? Because too many people, for too long, have assumed that if they have the cash, they can get more money, for nothing.

The Good, Bad and Ugly of the Housing Market

Aussie house prices have continued rise well above inflation, even though sales are well down.

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